The Glass

The glass holds water,

In its bosom with care,

It is like the valiant soldier at war,

Who dedicates himself for the nation ever.


The glass cannot embrace water for eternity,

It keeps on changing places like currency,

For human service the glass is created,

Serving us the glass is eventually recycled or destroyed.


Can we not hold love, humanity humility and sympathy,

In our hearts to make sure we live in the society?

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Forgiving Sea


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When the earth


vomits volcanic fire


the sea turns the molten orange


into green glass jewels.




With mystical hearts


the forgiving


transmute to love


actions cruel.

-saiom shriver-

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Portrait In Glass



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A master artist and spiritual teacher

had a stroke a few months ago, followed

by a dream this writer had that he was etching

a portrait of his guru in glass.

The etching was too deep and the glass



He had a stroke.

The brain glass broke.


The energy he was transmitting

was too high for a human brain.


-saiom shriver-


Footnote: Above are 2 portraits by T Shroyer, one

of Ananda Mayee Ma and one of Sathya Sai Baba.

This love is treacherous


I stayed in a psych ward for a few days because of breakdowns I keep having.

I cut a lot and deep. I didn't have music, facebook, no electronics while I was

staying in the hospital...all I had were a pen and pieces

of paper to spill ink all over”- Amanda Day


(Feb 10th, 12:20 P.M)


Lies never tasted so good,

never melted so sweet,

a perfect sunset in the bare eve,

never did the dawn of day yell at me,

don't close your eyes,

safe and sound,

you'll be alright,

the dawn of eve sings of sins and truths,

never before did

the Raven look so black,

never did the crow caw so


so loved,

as a feather falls from the sky,

the petals dance on her lips,

tears fall upon her eyes,

fragile as a glass vase,

this day dream is dangerous,

I love it

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I stayed in a psych ward for a few days because of breakdowns I keep having. I cut a lot and deep. I didn't have music, facebook, no electronics while I was staying in the hospital...all I had were a pen and pieces of paper to spill ink all over”- Amanda Day

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Bad Ass Glass Man

Once there was a girl made of blown glass,
Delicate and transparent,
She sat in a menagerie all day long as time passed,
And on Wednesday afternoons her owner took her out,
He placed her on the windowsill so the light could shine through
And brighten his dreary world and make everything look new.


One day a thief stole her fine form made from glass,
The owner seeked this thief out and he kicked his ass,
Now she is kept under lock and key,
Not even allowed out to take a pee.




5:26 PM 5/9/2013 ©

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Banterings of a silly woman.

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The streets are silent as I walk

Listening to the midnight talk

My sneakers fall on broken glass

Scattered shards, just like my past



In the houses I pass, they sleep unknowing

Above the trees the light is growing

In the sky there is no moon

It will be daylight pretty soon


Only darkness feels my pain

In the sun I can’t remain

No, in the daylight I can’t stay

Because I am

The Runaway

Prism of maimed love

i'll walk alone.. with your precense carved into my heart...

not even stones could break down what i've built up. not any hatred... no fear.

it's going to stay right here..

as long as it remains untouched.. if I can manage to let it be..

then i'll always have you with me.


as much as I may look up to the stars & cry..

as much as I ask the sun why...

how often I wish the clouds away.. 

is as much as I feel you every day.. 


maybe there is a sharp fence around your heart...

is there cotton in your ears..? is your vision pitch black..?

have you gone blind? is your mind in tact..?

do you think you're just fine..?


silly me.. still wondering, though we've left it all behind..


all I really want is to die in the grace of someone I love..

gazing into their eyes.. arms held tight..

my spirit could finally take flight. 


i'm so fucking sick of this misery..

i'm tired of not having any energy..

i'm done with the pressure on the sides of my head..

i'm finished with the aches in my back.. 

i'll drown out all the nausea..

I will forget about the broken glass..

the shattered past.. 


if we didn't know such a thing as sadness existed, would we still feel it..?

Author's Notes/Comments: 


Black ink oppression

The graze of your touch stings like shards of glass..

making my heart tremble and shake inside it's cage of desolace..

and as i'm with you, I can feel the emptiness seep deeper, my soul is drowning..

leaking of darkness..


Black ink of despair. pour it all over me, drench my spirit..

it already feels too heavy to bare.

as you glance over, you'll see I was never really there..
perhaps I was just smoke passing through the air.. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 


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Girl With Glasses


You put your glasses on
Without a makeup on
You looked very pretty
Made my mind filled with sin


When you whined about your crush
Disappearing was my blush
It's like this everyday
Words always replicate


I wanted to love you
But you would never see
I thought you always knew
But all you saw was him


Days passed we never spoke
I told myself you might change
I watched you and him go
You were with him night and day


He told you to go away
You cried to me the next day
You said you'd forget him
But now you came running


Girl, put your glasses though
They're useless anyway
At least they'd hide the pain
Well, everybody knows

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I met this "GIRL WITH GLASSES" not a long time ago and this poem tells what happened almost every day with her.

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