Snake in the Grass

They say what goes around comes around

And that karma's a bitch

And you'll get back tenfold

Whatever you dish.


When you mess with a snake

You are bound to get bit

You were merely a snake in the grass

And now I'm about to chop off your head.


For every action, you take

There is an equal but opposite

Reaction you make.


So, with a little distraction

And a bit of retraction

In due time, I'll seek my revenge

To gain sweet satisfaction.


You think I forgave and forgot

And over time tensions eased,

Well I'm not as passive as I once was,

You won't get off scot-free.


You love to play games

And break all the rules,

Never concerned about repercussions

Which makes you a fool.


You show no remorse,

Not ashamed in the least,

Nor bother with repentance,

In fact, you seem pleased.


I'm reasonable by far,

I see both sides of a story,

But if I stood where you're standing

Then yeah, I'd be worried!



~Deziraye Wald~


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Bad Ass Glass Man

Once there was a girl made of blown glass,
Delicate and transparent,
She sat in a menagerie all day long as time passed,
And on Wednesday afternoons her owner took her out,
He placed her on the windowsill so the light could shine through
And brighten his dreary world and make everything look new.


One day a thief stole her fine form made from glass,
The owner seeked this thief out and he kicked his ass,
Now she is kept under lock and key,
Not even allowed out to take a pee.




5:26 PM 5/9/2013 ©

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Banterings of a silly woman.

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