A Caged Mynah

They have already,

Made the caged mynah utter clearly,

Certain human words and names,

Each in fact is playing games.


The mynah looks at the infinite sky,

And endeavours hard to fly,

Alas! The bars are strong to get rid of,

For its beak to destroy, to soar above.


Almost every day and every night,

The mynah dreams of that desired flight!  

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Black ink oppression

The graze of your touch stings like shards of glass..

making my heart tremble and shake inside it's cage of desolace..

and as i'm with you, I can feel the emptiness seep deeper, my soul is drowning..

leaking of darkness..


Black ink of despair. pour it all over me, drench my spirit..

it already feels too heavy to bare.

as you glance over, you'll see I was never really there..
perhaps I was just smoke passing through the air.. 

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Out of Reach

She Stands. She is the Sun.
Holding the key that is the carrot.
Reaching through gilded bars.
Out of Reach, a wicked smile.

Lock unlocked. Trust Given.
Beauty comforts my thoughts.
Years of anguish washed away.
Out of Reach, a laugh sustained.

Laying Still, Laying Hope.
My heart is shackled to the Blue.
Taunted, teased, Pleased to be.
Out of Reach, A mind rejoiced.

Time Ends, Hope re-chain'd
Her Sweetness brings me peace.
Into the cage, a willing drone.
Out of Reach, Forever Found.

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Assessment Objective

Fuck your objective.
It’s not my objective.
For me it’s subjective,
For YOU it’s objective
As the directive
You keep beside your bed -
Commands hardwired into your head.
Lessons perspective
Distort corrective.
Forget what’s real
In favour of bounds,
Steely steel.
Limiting crowns.

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