Girl With Glasses


You put your glasses on
Without a makeup on
You looked very pretty
Made my mind filled with sin


When you whined about your crush
Disappearing was my blush
It's like this everyday
Words always replicate


I wanted to love you
But you would never see
I thought you always knew
But all you saw was him


Days passed we never spoke
I told myself you might change
I watched you and him go
You were with him night and day


He told you to go away
You cried to me the next day
You said you'd forget him
But now you came running


Girl, put your glasses though
They're useless anyway
At least they'd hide the pain
Well, everybody knows

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I met this "GIRL WITH GLASSES" not a long time ago and this poem tells what happened almost every day with her.

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millyardo's picture

umm. B-/C+ good job keep at

umm. B-/C+ good job keep at it

ginsywilde's picture

Thank you for the review!This

Thank you for the review!This is the first time I made poems so I'm actually not sure if I'm good at it! Don't worry, I'll try to enhance it more

DaztheDruid's picture

observation is all well and good

you have to be careful in neighbourhoods

energy flows where attention goes

and yours is yours to waste you know

don't do it so, remain neutral

will minimise any personal hell

even though hell dont exists

you can throw yourself in emotional shit














Sivus's picture

I've been through very

I've been through very similar situations so it's easy to relate with this (plus I love a girl with glasses). Good stuff, keep writing!

ginsywilde's picture

I'm glad to know you like it!

I'm glad to know you like it! Thank you for reading!

MissSaigon's picture

I'm sorry to hear what

I'm sorry to hear what happened between you and the "girl with glasses." I used to feel the same towards this one guy whom I used to fall in love with a couple years back (weird thing was he wore glasses too) and he never noticed my feelings towards him and pretty much ignored me after he went out with this one girl. This poem is really good and emotional about unrequited love :/

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Thank you for reading it!

Thank you for reading it! This girl became bitter though when I confessed to her. Until now, we didn't talk to each other again

MissSaigon's picture

I'm very sorry to hear that

I'm very sorry to hear that :/ I really hate it when girls are like that. I hope things will go better for you in the future when you meet different people. And you're welcome for reading it! ^.^