Painting Nudes'

Just a thought!

Someone ask me to paint them nude...

I said sure, send me a head shot

with age , weight and tatoo placement.

She said wait, she wanted a "nude portrait."

I said well, the head shot gives me hair, skin

and eye color, the age tells me how many

wrinkles, weight is how big to make your butt,

Tatoos tell me where to mark out reality,

The rest is pretty much universal.

She said, "But what if I don't want a bush?"

I said, "Honey, you'll have to take care of

that yourself, I'm just the painter!"...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Painting Nudes"

Portrait In Glass



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A master artist and spiritual teacher

had a stroke a few months ago, followed

by a dream this writer had that he was etching

a portrait of his guru in glass.

The etching was too deep and the glass



He had a stroke.

The brain glass broke.


The energy he was transmitting

was too high for a human brain.


-saiom shriver-


Footnote: Above are 2 portraits by T Shroyer, one

of Ananda Mayee Ma and one of Sathya Sai Baba.