A volcano is angry like T.S. Eliot,

It has been striving a lot,

To burn the earth being furious so,

The reason behind this, only God does know!


To some, volcanic eruption is dangerous,

To some, it is rather advantageous,

Since new islands are born gradually,

From the lava it does emanate deafeningly.


Like the obdurate ants, the ceaseless lava keeps coming,

Nothing seems to have the power to stop it, nothing!




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Forgiving Sea


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When the earth


vomits volcanic fire


the sea turns the molten orange


into green glass jewels.




With mystical hearts


the forgiving


transmute to love


actions cruel.

-saiom shriver-





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Active Volcano

The pressure inside

when you and I 

are together 

builds and builds 

with every glance, 

every wink, 

every smile. 
But when we touch,

the pressure becomes too much to handle

and I erupt

like a volcano.

The molten lava melting

over my heart,

my lungs,

my brain,

heating every inch of my body

in the hot magma that is you.