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I never meant 

to hide it from you,

this gift I have, this 

innate ability 

to 'bounce back',

and evolve.


 I never considered that 

you would think 

the more civilized,

natural way, 

of human expression

to be such a travesty.


I never considered

that you were that

weak to think of 

me as weak, too,

and I am now thinking,

I should have considered.


6:37 PM 8/10/2013

Author's Notes/Comments: 

It is the author's thought that expression of face to face,  human to human emotion, and validation of such, is a necessity for a person to become whole and healthy. it is holding on to the emotions that can be expressed without physical violence that do most of the damage in the world right now...and it is all invisible, and why it has become so lethal to life.


in essence...our emotions change with our thoughts, and so if we are always expressing through words, without heart to heart communication... we only ever see half of the picture...of anything. Because the combination of thought and emotion can transform everything. Verbalization is the biggest and longest lie that has every been told.

The Metaphysicist


She was an aqua butterfly fluttering her iridescent in the frigid winds of the north 

Searching and wandering though she was not lost only to be found.


She hugged every morsel of the tree with reverence loving it and becoming it.


And she was all thoughtless we had but no mind of our own

But she swore by these paragons of deliberate hatred and what she wanted was to be a perfect memory to every man who was arrogant enough to experience her body.


She glittered with desire, breaking so easily, so tarnished, so gone. She was fooled and damp with hatred 

She knew from behind her back that she was nothing of my knowledge. 


She terrified me and chilled me to the very nomadic wanderlust of my soul.

And when she was recognized every part of the metaphysical realm came alive.

At two she rose and watched the butterfly fall beneath her waist and flutter

And those who fell broke to the scent of her glittering perfume, and the rubies and roses all became her through the damn wall she used to be me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

One of the first poems I ever wrote, I was about 13 at the time.

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More Than Just Me

Its just so hard to be an angel for everyone

When the devil is inside

It's hard to be a light to follow

When you just want to hide

It's just so hard to be strong for others

When you are living a lie

It's just so hard being me

Believe me now, I've tried


But yet I grow stronger everyday

I've become better along the way

And although not everything is OK

Every night becomes a new day

I have learned to weather the storm

And to enjoy every new morn

To smile wide as new plans form

And its these thoughts that keep me warm


I'm not perfect, as you can see

But it's what I am striving to be

I will teach others the key

And it'll will be more, than just me

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The night falls upon face of the earth

Like a blunt slap devouring the mirth

Startled, bereaved, moaning in groups

Deprived of their home and hearth


Constant exodus and constant misery

Ceaseless penury of mindless fury

As if the elements of entire universe

Coming together to promote the curse


Thoughts are numb

Words are absurd

Only vultures in the name of bird

In sight...  a terribly perishing herd

Skewed justification

Political configuration

Systematic human extermination

End of reason, end of salvation

It is just so difficult

To express in words

The hapless cries for help

One learns to ignore

When routinely

Murders occur

When insanely

Children suffer

Women are raped

Minds are shaped

To accept the grotesque

As standard


Red rose reminds of blood

The crescent of murderous weapon

Every other is now the foe

To kill has become a mission

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Lost Memory


Story of a life
Not yours, not his
Not hers, not theirs

Personal property
Private property
Mine, mine, mine
Prefer it simple

Leave it alone
Leave it alone
Either way it is gone behind
Once again another
Lost memory

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Losing memories.

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So many things may catch
my eyes and ears
They may be in flowing thoughts
My interest they may strive to sway
They may try, try and try
But they won't not be sucessful
To divert my way
For I have a stronger impression
And lofty is my aspiration

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Read, enjoy and comment

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Not satisfied release it,
let in go.

copyright by heather burns

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Count up, count down like brew bubbles
Season comes and goes sprinkling like winter leaves
The sky riddles in muffling as cloudies converge like bees
Sometimes two could throw, atimes one could strive

Count down, count up as dice throws
Four dial, five moves, someone wins
Head or tail like tossing coins
Tail may lose, head might furrow

Count up, count down as the earth draws
The wind whirls, thunder rumbles in fumbling
As the storm raids the invicinble universe
the agitation of rack rocks saddle in mumbling

The silence then ekes out as the death calls the day

Author's Notes/Comments: 

live is desirable but life doesnt worth living,simple to live but hard to come by

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My thought of about u, to me

Sudden rush of adrenaline, sweats that can quench thirst of handful, though of speed faster than light, brighter than lightning, louder than thunder, this is a boom a sonic boom, a formation of reality beyond comprehension, I go place were dreams are made then lived, then made and lived again and again then again and again. I feel on top of the world because I got to know ur name

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