My thought of about u, to me

Sudden rush of adrenaline, sweats that can quench thirst of handful, though of speed faster than light, brighter than lightning, louder than thunder, this is a boom a sonic boom, a formation of reality beyond comprehension, I go place were dreams are made then lived, then made and lived again and again then again and again. I feel on top of the world because I got to know ur name

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More Emphais

I exit you yet I'm still here coming

Leaving behind the kids I never had

its kind of sad

The collateral damage

The crimes of manly needs ,guess I'll manage

Although I still reminisce

I never knew them but they be missed

Hope theres a spot in heaven for those who should exist

Where they will be loved and kissed

In this I find bliss ,and happiness

Even though I caused the sorrow

With a helping hand from god and some hope that I borrow

I stay open for a new tomorrow

Leave behind this world of sin that I'm in

for a better life where we all rejoice and win

But until that life begins

I'll try but no I'm above the temptation of this nation

But I wont let that be an excuse for my exemption

Almighty lord for give this transgression

I'm still alive well I'm blessed then

So many questions

Why we do things with out hesitation

Then we regret and repent and yet

We're back in the same position tomorrow

Woe to all the sorrow and things that we put ourselves through

The we ask , Who know the color after fun was blue

We did but were people it's what society trained us to do

Why are we living in this hue

People are fickle and its true

I'm conflicted ,what to do

Damn I could go so on

But for more emphasis I turn my raps into poems

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Write and Wrong

To act my anger out is wrong

Write it ,It's a song

What is this going on

This has been happening way to long

Crack pipes,smoking reefer and puffing on the bong

Wasn't ever write till it was written on paper

fear of writing What is write,the evil will help you meet your maker

So you'll write that bitch a hoe to give paper so much flavor

to bad if you write just what you write then a bitch is what you make her

why is she a hoe ,what is the reason to degrade her

I don't know who gives a fuck ghetto making paper mentality

forget about the truth and the venom in your words lethality

well this is a dis to what you write me and my pen say it happily

Now a days write and wrong go hand and hand as if write was left

writing wrong what is left

the wrong we all hear

to the right all lend a deaf ear

afraid of written write that would cause a reputation smear

Run in terror and hide when any good comes near

only think of greed and sinful blood money

every one forgets the devil sweetens poison with honey

it won't last forever

for it will do evil

But i don't blame it , it's the greed in people

just before you write about drug money bitches and hoes ,and think it's clever

think hard and pull the lever in your mind

hopefully maybe there you'll find

the will to inspire and write right

So we could finally readjust plight

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The Hearts Game

You see the hearts game is to keep all the aces
This way if your left behind it would
in the their faces
So you were left but got vengance
Gave them death with a sentence
But no paper
The heart says always make sure that
they regret leaving you later
Saver the Pain
Let them know that they were to blame
The hearts can't be tamed
It's uncaged beast
That grows off love but feeds on a blood and hate feast
And it literaly feeds of blood like bat
I Some time hate hearts even thought
The symbol means love
Its conufusing ,the heart without love is vengeance
sorrow and pain
Words cant fully describe the hearts game
It's cool but its lame like it can't move
Or impared like a blind mans sight
Only lovers know of the hearts Plight

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Sitting still

Upon my breath
the shallow ease.
here I sit;
quiet but pleased.
Left of day
but solum thought
as here i sit
in silent thought.

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Time to bottle

If I had my time
set upon me,
laid upon my desk,
my life would pour
out before my eyes;
whilest I wondered
what to do.

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Simply be

Sense of mine
you may wander;
find your pleasures
and trouble me not.
For I must be pondered
and left to be,
simply be.

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Lying mixed the noise

Soft temptations pon the ear,
sweet sensations pon my tongue.
Quiet ease upon my mind,
heartily tease upon the soul.

sweet breath upon the heart,
sweet depth immerse the soul.
Lie me hear soft as sound,
though we are but prisoners here.

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smoke and fire cleanse the soul;
the mind at ease-
at new moon's dead light.
I've said my prayers,
now lies my head,
while smoke and fire dance
upon peaceful eyes.
I lay last breath upon the sheets,
in with the world,
imperfect love,
last gasp let loose,
life's last sin.

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