greener grass

It's true and you know it


If it hurts hold it firmly

If soothes strike it harder

because you prefer polar opposites.

And that which is truly good,

you consider consequently bad.


Sappy songs of retreat.

Wavey tunes of calvary choirs

is the state of your mental perception, 

and your voice.

Deception is inverterately its mark.


Paused to ask for questions,

the ones you thought you'd answered.


Delibrately in the condition of pity.

It was wickedness in youth,

a worse offender.

Who founded and caused,

degeneracey in its inception,

degradation was its conclusion.

Now you seek theJudgment you despised!


Should purple be a moulds colour?

It might have been dinner for you.

Or perhaps your blue berry muffin sub.

Unwittingly or not, eating the end.

When malady sets in, 

capitulation closely following.

And in impotence of unending sleep, 

you and your folly stay unremebered

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