It's true and you know it


If it hurts hold it firmly

If soothes strike it harder

because you prefer polar opposites.

And that which is truly good,

you consider consequently bad.


Sappy songs of retreat.

Wavey tunes of calvary choirs

is the state of your mental perception, 

and your voice.

Deception is inverterately its mark.


Paused to ask for questions,

the ones you thought you'd answered.


Delibrately in the condition of pity.

It was wickedness in youth,

a worse offender.

Who founded and caused,

degeneracey in its inception,

degradation was its conclusion.

Now you seek theJudgment you despised!


Should purple be a moulds colour?

It might have been dinner for you.

Or perhaps your blue berry muffin sub.

Unwittingly or not, eating the end.

When malady sets in, 

capitulation closely following.

And in impotence of unending sleep, 

you and your folly stay unremebered

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It reminds me of how the

It reminds me of how the chips fall for everyone..sooner or later. The moment of truth..a difficult life decision that returns again and again until that dreaded moment when the eyes open...the tears fade...and we experience the reality of what really important, not to everyone else perhaps..but to our very reason for being on this earth. 


It's deep...or is it me?  No matter anyway. It's good!!! ;-)


...and he asked her, "do you write poetry? Because I feel as if I am the ink that flows from your quill."

"No", she replied, "but I have experienced it. "


Diamond_Wills_New_War's picture

"because you prefer polar

"because you prefer polar opposites
and that which is truly good
you consider consequently bad"

We often want most what is worse for us. Not sure if that was your main point but it is what I took from this. Exceptional write.

Long days and pleasant nights


klen's picture

Part of it..

It's the central thought. Thank you for reading. 

there's much deception that contributes to this pursuit of wrong. It's a bit like quick sand when one gets into the pattern. Then there's the waning of will to escape the pattern of wrong and internal deception sets in. The thought that 'tomorrow we'll escape for sure.... just one more wrong today.'


All our struggles which we much never cease until we expire for our benefit and those behind us.



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Deep Thinking With Vocabulary

Liked the opposites presented here and the quandaries, degradations, a life course perhaps, patterns, habits, the whole nine. Nice line construction. Fab word choices. Thoughtful and thought provoking ~Lady A~




klen's picture

Thank you

I really appreciated your comment. this is for you:


a comment to contemplate

were your words, relayed.

and now it'll inspire

what was unseen

when words waded

unsure of succor.




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Poet In The House

Time was a writer

risked getting his mind

broken expressing

truths too often

unexpected or spoken.


That time is not this time

and wrens wrap their minds

around warm wire and dare

to call it like it's flown.