Crooked Trees



I used to stand straight,
Firm and strong,
My limbs protected,


Until the wind came,
At first I stood tough,
But persist it did,
And I began to bend,
And bend,
And bend…


Now I stand crooked,
Waiting to snap.

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I am still alive

I'm still alive


Silently crying at night

I'm still alive


Slowly breaking apart

I'm still alive


Dark demons inside

I'm still alive

Not broken

Falling but rising up high.

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People, people light their fires,

burning the world-

upon their pyres...


People, people tell their cold lies,

hurting their souls-

and sever their ties...


People, people destroy their souls,

shooting through them-

creating more holes...


People, people crush their own hearts,

offending love-

breaking into parts...

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More Than Just Me

Its just so hard to be an angel for everyone

When the devil is inside

It's hard to be a light to follow

When you just want to hide

It's just so hard to be strong for others

When you are living a lie

It's just so hard being me

Believe me now, I've tried


But yet I grow stronger everyday

I've become better along the way

And although not everything is OK

Every night becomes a new day

I have learned to weather the storm

And to enjoy every new morn

To smile wide as new plans form

And its these thoughts that keep me warm


I'm not perfect, as you can see

But it's what I am striving to be

I will teach others the key

And it'll will be more, than just me

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Dangling, hanging, the strings float to the ground.
Fluttering, cascading, rolling through the crowd.

Her eyes are glazed over, the pupils missing.
Goosebumps rise where the wind is kissing.

The scratches and bruises are there for everone to see;
Her puppeteer jabs her with a delighted leer.

Screaming, screaming, so sliently in her own world.
Trying to keep quiet so her life doesn't unfurl.

He laughs, cackles, and continues his game.
He's been at it so long, she's forgotten her name.

The strings snap and twist as she tries to break free,
While he just jerks her back with a snort of glee.

Blood drips from the hooks at her back;
While the rats at her feet begin to attack.

The lights are on her too bright,
Something's going wrong here this night.

Got to break free, rid of my shell.
Can't hear his cackles as he draws me into Hell.

Nothing to loose, and no time to spare;
Her fingers wound around the strings in pairs.

She tugged and pulled with all her might,
And the strings fell down and dropped in her sight.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A poem about breaking free. In dedication to my twin, Miranda.

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