I am not a sinner

I am not a sinner

  By jfarrell


To hurt another is wrong;

Known that as long as I can remember remembering;

And lotsa things I might do, can hurt;

So, I try not to; I don’t always succeed.


You ‘know’ god - you think I less moral than you?

By what right?
I brought me up; no god; no parents;

Think I did a pretty good job.


I am not a sinner;

I was not born into sin;

I am a nobody; nothing;

Ask your god.


He’ll tell you.. “Don’t get near his shoes; don’t even smell his shoes”;

I dare you, walk in my shoes 5 minutes…

“smell it… smell it… now TAKE it!” (adam sandler should be a god)

I am a nobody with very, very bad smelling feet.


Please don’t judge me. You don’t have any right.

So, I don’t shave often as I might; I swear more then you like;

And I fantasise about killing my neighbour; very, very slowly;

But you have no right, wotsoever, to judge me.


I wish you all rainbows ;-)



Author's Notes/Comments: 

happy rainbows all

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It's true and you know it


If it hurts hold it firmly

If soothes strike it harder

because you prefer polar opposites.

And that which is truly good,

you consider consequently bad.


Sappy songs of retreat.

Wavey tunes of calvary choirs

is the state of your mental perception, 

and your voice.

Deception is inverterately its mark.


Paused to ask for questions,

the ones you thought you'd answered.


Delibrately in the condition of pity.

It was wickedness in youth,

a worse offender.

Who founded and caused,

degeneracey in its inception,

degradation was its conclusion.

Now you seek theJudgment you despised!


Should purple be a moulds colour?

It might have been dinner for you.

Or perhaps your blue berry muffin sub.

Unwittingly or not, eating the end.

When malady sets in, 

capitulation closely following.

And in impotence of unending sleep, 

you and your folly stay unremebered

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Do We Have To Judge Others?

They say you shouldn't care

what others think about you...


But in this society,

it doesn't seem like

people actually believe that.


Everyone judges everyone else,

even if they are not

actually trying to!



Judging others,

it seems,

is just something that

comes with being human...


But I want to know...

can we change this in ourselves??



Do we have to judge people,

or can we unprogram that

part of our brains?



They say you shouldn't care

or pay attention to

what others say

or think about you.


But how are you supposed

to be able to do that,

when you know that you too

judge people?


Just like how others judge you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this in hopes to get people thinking...

Please let me know what you think!!

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Blind Fury

Random Poems

They say ppls listen with there eyes always judgin & never giving a poor soul the time ; struggling thru life making us feel like we left behind ; so u kno what ; here I am reppin my kind ; I may be blind but the same goes for ur flow cuz nobody sees nuttin except for the fact u gasping out ur nose ; homie ; u Trying to hard ; take a breather ; relax ; blind fury taking over & killin this track ; cuz I dnt need my eyes to kno at the moment that u sweatin ; lyrical wise I got these ppls going deaf & ; & I'm one of a kind ; not afraid to live blind ; cuz even tho my eyes are shut u can still see my shine ; been spittin all my life man got all these suckas going blind ; I may be cripple but that shit all heals in time ; I learned to live with my disabilities & get in sync with my mind ; blind fury on da track ; like dam ; y'all must be fucking deaf cuz I ain't even siqned.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I made this based on the rapper who won the b.e.t rapper contest Blind Fury. imagine this was him rapping this lol

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