Scent of death

Who are you?

what am I?

this is life--

we're passers by.


radiance falls

& fragrance lingers

this subtle numbness

tingles through the tip of my fingers


could love fill the empty room?


this desolate space,

it consumes 

the human race,

like a black hole 

a vacuum to the light in your soul..


hazey eyes

gloomy skies

sunshine cries--

the funeral's today..


the windows shine

stained glass

colored in disarray


I prayed to God, may you stay..

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Dad's Death

Two weeks ago, Dad drew his final breath.

Now I have no parents because of his death.

He was battling leukemia and took a turn for the worse.

It was unpleasant to see him being hauled in the hearse.


He passed away on the 13th of July.

When I went to his funeral, I had to say goodbye.

He suffered tremendously while he battled cancer.

Why did he get leukemia, only God has the answer.


During all of this, people were by his side.

He couldn't beat his illness even though he tried.

When I saw him in his casket, it was sad.

Many people came to pay their respects to Dad.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

[Dedicated to Charles F. Johnson (1947-2013) who died July 13, 2013.]

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The Passing On

As I cracked the window,

The aroma of honeysuckle filled the car,

And I drove beyond the lake,

Down the winding road and past the old barn,

And before I reached the driveway,

I could smell the lilac bushes in your yard.

Opening the front door my perception shifts

Into a world long forgotten,

And though in the past,

So very present as I stood alone,

There in the stillness,

Waiting for the future to unfold

At my command,

Quenching my lust for suspense,

The silence shaken abruptly.

I turned to look, gasping…grasping for,

Reality, was peering through the glass

As the funeral car pulls in the drive,

And the memory of one so dear…stays alive.

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The fabric was lifted off her face as the priest called out to those to say their last goodbyes
I stood up and leaned over the coffin.
My lips pressed gently on her fore head as I whispered goodbye...
I turned to find my seat, and saw the tears of my family.
Brothers that were seen as hard men, were now broken inside.
Sisters seemed stronger today; though they cried inside.
I led the coffin to her final resting place
Gripping a picture of her close to my chest.
They lowered her into the ground as the priest said a final prayer
And with a song, we said Goodbye...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To my dearest aunt...
- though you have gone, your memory lives' on...

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Dead Roses In December


Tears of regret escape from our eyes
to rest at the feet of Jesus
the melancholy that falls down from the skies
the bitter nightmare we despise.

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The day we laid him into the ground
the black rain began to fall down
washing away the tears of sorrow
the melancholy hymns filled the heavens
though they could not fill the hollow

The angels of stone looked away
the procession they couldn't see that day
their wings could not lift
his soul into the ever after
to give to leave as a dark gift

The priest spoke words empty and dry
the passage of ill comfort did try
turning away our fear
the demon which hides inside the soul
fearing death is always near

Oh what comfort comes in those hours
when the cloud of fear
drowns us in tormenting showers

The heart with pains of death
which flow like the numbing breeze
of the dark angel's icy breath

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concrete casket

garbage waste human filth
i cant live life without guilt
toward pollution this world tilts
man creates a flower wilts
ozone depleating earth deterioration
natures genocide mans creation
paving roads tearing down trees
we are natures deadly disease

ch: why do we do it
set fire to the place that we call home
why do we kill it
the only place weve ever known

create build tear it down
man made ruins all around
paved jungle of fucking shit
nothing left if we dont quit
dead animals the blood flows
carcasses cascade the side of the road
nature suffers man persevers
nothing left the end is near


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