Madhanala Shaila Prasad

However it is tough to define
Relationships in life
Each safeguards his own boat
Some sail taking too many load
However teeth laugh on load

Sailing on less load
Accumulating too much wealth
However those eyes cry at other's joy
Too many join this less load
To entertain themself by
Setting fire on others relations

Each one has his own time
Karma follows you
However you do good or bad
Initial setbacks might
Trouble the heavy load boat
Pleases all eyes that curse

As time and tide wait for none
May that waiting make you breathless
Hold on till your good karma
To get multiplied at least twice

Just passing exam
doesn't sound good
neither in academic nor personal life
Blow the things to the laughing teeth
Atleast triple multiplied

However it is tough to define
Relationships in life
Except the one cheerful one
But now every home
A poison drop is on its do....

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the wings of spirit





Fixed the bottle of scent...
Unbound her fragrance' ascent
Branched the nightingale
but her song to all ascends.
Moored tonight is the boat
but morn brings unfurled sails.
Earthbound the bodhisattva
but his aura spreads everywhere.
was Emily's pen
but her poems to
distant lands took flight.
93 million miles away the sun
but his love left home
to give us light.
-saiom shriver-
Footnote: Bodhisattva..
1 a soul who chooses to come back
to earth to help others rather than
to be liberated
2  Emily is Emily Dickinson

3  dedicated to my 18 year old kitty Babaji

   who left for God today

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