The Drabble Ditch

Marcella is a girl so mocked, she enjoys it.

I see her in the window of a high-rise in London,

Where by day, the sun is sulfur yellow, 

Clings to skin and streaming eyes, 

And by night, heads are down and stars shine black 

And dull as a November London road.

Marcella, you are the only moon I see here, 

Your face and hair glowing like a china doll in a wedding veil, 

The white against shadowed streets,

The headlights and streetlamps glare at hooded city stalkers,

Never looking up at people like you, the pure light, La Luna,

Marcella, your eyes seem to speak truths of this city

That airwaves and black print cannot:

Red, yes, that's the colour of a blunt blockade, 

The beefy bloke who bars us from going further, 

Red is the pestilence of London, smiling and shooting streamers in the streets,

All the while crushing and compressing until we're cold.

Marcella, sometimes I wish I could coax you down from your nest,

Show you the steel concrete chaos that your sight has survived.

It's intimate here, I'll give you that, 

But the stars remain anxious for awe-struck eyes,

Lights can be dazzling, claustrophobic and pressuring,

But stars wait forever for our smiles.

Funny-looking Marcella, but in a nature-lover's way,

This maze: Where each twist and turn is a park or a book or a new song,

Where each needle of fern is a final notice or a corporate climber,

You can follow me. Take my hand. 

Marcella, take my ticket. Board a train and run. 

Pretty birds like you don't belong in the city,

Where vultures of all natures watch hungrily for prey. 

Just promise to find the right flock, and fly.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

© Lizzie Ayres, 2013

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The river

am I nothing but broken bones? is this beating heart nothing but a burden to myself & everyone I meet..?
as I walk through this valley alone..

the shadows become something i've well known.
your eyes, they magnetize.. the fear in my soul is screaming out "lies!"
where should I try to hide..?

the clouds hang above, as the river i'm crossing over continues to flow..
if I were to fall, would anyone ever know? slipping away from it all, even myself..
glancing at these hands, I wonder what would be different if I was somebody else..


this forest goes farther than the birds & the trees..
this grass grows taller than below our knees..
my fate is an open wound.. bleeding.. bruised.. cut & used..
where am I going..? what am I to do..?
too many questions within me.. are we all our own worst enemy..?
on the top of this hill, the sunrise & fall reminds me of Gods undying love..
every memory that follows behind is purpose-less..
how could you think you know me better than I know myself?
every word you spew is worthless..


dreams are like looking through stained glass..

all different shapes, colors, hues..
why would you want to watch them shatter.. how could it not matter!?
one thing to remember.. don't give your love away, for the sake of saving someone else...


path after path, turn upon turn.. we struggle, maybe learn..
I stare into space & wait.. for something, i'll never know exactly what...
ashes have become of these fantasies..
careful not to let the blood of the past stain what is of my today..
dancing around the casualties.. murder my misery.


shed a tear for everything that used to be & let it all blow far over me.
if only we could all perfectly mend these wounds..
fragilties of life, scars of death..
the last time you close your eyes... that very last breath..


black night sky with stars so electric..
fragrant & soothing, my boat keeps moving..
row, row, drift away..
feet in the dirt but i'm being pulled astray..
the current so strong & winds full force.
the ocean is taking it's course..


beneath the misty swamp, stirs disarray..
where Satan's children go to play..
one by one, two by two.. sinking to the bottom.
he's a theif, can't you tell..?
reeking of that evil smell..
naive indeed as you let him feed..
you act as if life has turned you to this bad seed..
fool, you did it to yourself...
why blame someone else?


& finally I jump in the river to drown..
reaching out for my savior, not because i'm in danger..
I need to be taken from this earth.. I smile because i'm hurt...
when my feet hit the river floor, i'll close my eyes, & open the doors..
a light shone through, my hope for God was true...
I embrace... soon free... this body was never me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

7.26-7.27- 2013.

the date





took the 

            breathe train



spiraling out,

        letting go 

     of linear time,


a freckled blanket

         greets us,


     i touch you 

in the years 





      light years away,

 within the dreams 


            of gods.



10:24 PM 7/7/2013







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<<<<.>>>>Soaring Eagle<<<<.>>>>

I soar so high, a screeching echos
my high pitched call cuts through the clouds
my eyes pierce the horizons
I listen for your reply
I watch for your approach....


I see you in the distance
WE begin the flying ritual
The Dance of Sky, Air and Sun
WE pierce the Heavens
with skilled wings and fierce talons....


I wait and watch uncertain
will you pass the test
can you endure the trials of the Sky
thus far you are stead fast
will you continue to follow my lead....


Or like many before you
will you drift away unsure
will you fail to remain stead fast
I wait, watch and listen
a weathered warrior of the Sky....


I await your every move
as the Dawn awaits the Sun
as Night awaits the Moon
as the Earth Mother awaits
Her blanket of Stars....


This Lone Eagle soars the Heavens
Waiting for the ONE to be
my HeART beat
my Breath
my Life....


Chicahuac Necahuatl
1:31 PM 6/30/2013


Copyrights © 2013-2015 Chicahuac Necahuatl

Author's Notes/Comments: 

And the Dance Continues, I await the final outcome....I continue to Soar....

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Ah, and so the grays pass

Glorious blue

has taken the day

as the sun shines

his beautiful rays

The greens,

they pop,

contrasting color

as pillowed whites

rise up behind her



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I want to reach the sky.

No matter how high,

No matter how far.

I want to touch the sky. 

To feel

The clouds,

The moon,

The stars.

I want to reach the sky. 

To see if all my hopes, my thoughts, and dreams are up there.

To see if wishes are heard,

To see if miracles could truly happen.

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The Sky

I'll pretend just for tonight

That instead of my bed, I lay on the

Fresh, green grass

That instead of the ceiling,

I can see the most beautiful white dots

Adorning the sky


I can see each one of the stunning

Diamonds sparkling around the lonesome moon.

The solitary moon the serves to

People who want to love.


I extend my hands and I can touch

Every star with just my thumb

I can pretend all night

I can be happy with my sky

I can talk to my moon

Because she understands uniqueness

I can relate to my stars

Because they are the most beautiful creations

From God

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Humble Rapture


Standing on this mountaintop, vision soaring, n'er to drop,
Riding winds that stir the coo of cherubs,
Underneath the dessication laden from winter's wrath,
On earthen beds between land and sky,
Transparent shells for eyes allied,
Through the mystery of this myriad,
Life, expanding,
Flowers bloom,
The silent footsteps leaving imprints indelible,
To rouse what's been left in the wake of the fray,
Another day,
Resonating rants and rages,
Still...between these glistening pages,
Touch this madness, welcome the raindrops,
That quench the thirst denied,
The traded taste of bittersweet,
For a fallacious and fanciful photo of realism,
Hold life in unfettered arms of love in such exquisite grace,
So that misguided souls fear not
The acquiescence of humility's embrace.



5:19 PM 4/18/2013 ©

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Living life between the lines and soaring free in the rabbit hole of life's misery. Duality as one.

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Fibonacci Riders

This road as wide as the horizon,
It's uncharted,and fades into the sun,
Will you pull us off onto the ramp now?
Or decide this is why we have come?
A broad open palette awaits us,
A blank piece of paper and pen,
Is this freedom too much for our asking?
Are we just chasing rainbows again?
We could play any tune in this octave,
There's unlimited ways we could fly,
We are weightless and riding on spirit,
With our heartbeats and breathing close by.
A creation's what's ending this journey,
So emerge into nothingness, where?
I forgot to tell you there's no problem,
'Cause, guess what?
We are already there.



Copyright 2013 ©

Author's Notes/Comments: 

About creating in sync with the flow of life.

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