Oh My Love

When you are within my arms,

The world falls from concern;


I desire for you to be there always.

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Fleur de Lis


on Tops of Parisian Towers

'there is no place like home'


come with Emblems

carried high above heads

Song of Solomon


lilium inter spinas

Mary me Madonna

in your red Veiling


autumn crocus

kold Kill with beauty

Oleander close behind


coats with many arms

saintless The scent

Of your Lilly Flower












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Humble Rapture


Standing on this mountaintop, vision soaring, n'er to drop,
Riding winds that stir the coo of cherubs,
Underneath the dessication laden from winter's wrath,
On earthen beds between land and sky,
Transparent shells for eyes allied,
Through the mystery of this myriad,
Life, expanding,
Flowers bloom,
The silent footsteps leaving imprints indelible,
To rouse what's been left in the wake of the fray,
Another day,
Resonating rants and rages,
Still...between these glistening pages,
Touch this madness, welcome the raindrops,
That quench the thirst denied,
The traded taste of bittersweet,
For a fallacious and fanciful photo of realism,
Hold life in unfettered arms of love in such exquisite grace,
So that misguided souls fear not
The acquiescence of humility's embrace.



5:19 PM 4/18/2013 ©

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Living life between the lines and soaring free in the rabbit hole of life's misery. Duality as one.

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