Chinese Herbs Of Hu Yi Ping


Chinese Herbs Of Hu Yi Ping

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The Chinese herbs

of Hu Yi Ping

... with new

shakti they sing

within cells

new bells ring

as they




-saiom shriver-



Not far from Bethesda's NIH,  stained with

the blood of innocent animals, beholden to

internationa drug companies, fixed in lies

is a bright path of healing


Other healing methods... ayurvedic medicine, acupuncture, Reiki, chelation,  juicing and vegan diet, yoga, conscious release of the past with forgiveness, feeling energy move in every point of the body, magnets, vitamin C intravenous drips etc.


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seasails, star lake

Poem Strings


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A row of comma shaped clouds
above the breezewaved ocean
… they are the sails of the
sea itself…
proof of the miracle of
evaporating liberation


-saiom shriver-




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Reflected stellar
lights in the
lake of the quarry
waters moonglowing
radiant and starry


-saiom shriver-


wasn’t able to find the picture I wanted but this one is beautiful imho

A Summer Miracle


A Summer Miracle




Lord is upon as all,

He might see us when we are not there,

He might help us when we are not there,

He might protect us when we are not there.


As one volunteers, one has to look at all surroundings,

One has to be careful,

One has to trust others,

One has to protect himself.


When the Lord knows, he will send help,

When the Lord knows, he will be there,

When the Lord knows, he will save us.


Might not just be in the summer, but it can be in the Fall, Winter, or Spring.


My summer miracle is a savior,

My summer miracle is about respect,

My summer miracle is about hope,

My summer miracle is about faith.


No matter what, there are always miracles,

No matter what, there are always expectations,


And I am glad we have each other to help,

I am glad that the Lord helped me with a nice family,

I am glad I am safe,

I am glad of this Summer Miracle.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

** Due to a recent event that happened on June 30, 2013; I felt that the Lord was watching over me and send a nice family to help me out when their car broke down (I felt bad for them, but I am thankful for their support).  There were two gentleman at a historical site that I volunteer at that were drunk & threatening me, if it weren’t for them, I would have been probably badly injured.

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I want to reach the sky.

No matter how high,

No matter how far.

I want to touch the sky. 

To feel

The clouds,

The moon,

The stars.

I want to reach the sky. 

To see if all my hopes, my thoughts, and dreams are up there.

To see if wishes are heard,

To see if miracles could truly happen.

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Yestderday's News

The visions came through,
my ideas for writing poetry.
A year before all the grief,
pain and horrific sorrow.
Spiritualism had knocked at my door,
I was filled with hope, love and joy.
Many centered around the possibility of miracles,
not just being an illusion but a reality.
God started talking to me when my fingers typed,
a unique and special communication between us.
I never questioned why those words came to me,
yet knew great emotion was connected, linking my future.
God was ahead of the game and I was his player,
happy to be a part of the team, trusting in the process.
Although, a stumbling block has happened in regards to healing,
no more talk of miracles until I see it for real.
God says to be patient and to stay very still,
life is in motion and the prophesy is true.
Together we shall mend the loopholes,
fill in the gaps, building a bridge to protect my good.
Quietly, I trust in unforeseen answers to appear,
as always my heart is founded in his omnipotent consciousness.
My faith continues in life, whether I can see his hand in mine,
I hold it out for him to grab waiting like a small child.
Father in heaven knows best, never wavering, is my love,
nothing can take that away, my cup runneth over in gratitude.
For I have been given the greatest gift ever dreamt of, to know God,
filled with joy for finding such a true friend, a part of me, here forever.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is my introduction for my book Yesterday's News sold via the internet. i am currently editing it and turning it into two books. The other one will most likely be the title, Outside Looking In. I am making them into e-books. Please wait until completion which i will post because there is errrors I am fixing. Presently Yesterday's News contains 396 poems.

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A Poem of Love

Notes on Love

Just as the Sun chases the Moon across the stars

So does melancholy Winter chase vibrant Spring

Infatuation he gives her

Along with wonders

Of heaven and earth

But the miraculous does not satisfy

Insatiable is Spring’s thirst

For anything different than what is Real


Life gives way to Death

Winter gives way to Spring

Every year, Winter sends great Snows

To hold Spring back

But she is slippery in his grasp

Like a newborn child just pulled from the womb

And she breaks free

Laughing and taunting, taking more from dear old Winter

Her eyes sparkle

Her hair flows

Her hands beckon

And like a whipped dog, tail between legs

Winter sullenly follows



And so, one day Winter will relinquish his frigid grasp on Spring

He will lay down his scepter

And, with it, his cold crown

He will look pleadingly at Spring

As he has done more times than there have been days in the universe

But she will turn her head and look away


Only then will Winter see what he has become

And he shall whisper farewell


Love is Blind

As Blind as a world with no sun

Love is Joyous

As Joyous as fondling a newborn lamb

Love is Chilling,

Wrapping your heart in an icy cave

Love is Determined

As well as Strong

But every mountain

Is laid to waste by the sands

And every castle

To become a Tomb for those who live there

So must Love

Love is Doomed

To Suffocate in its own embraces

To be Deafened by its own heartbeats

To be drowned in its own spilled blood


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