I really wanna kick

the shit out of the next person

who tells me they’re colorblind

and they brag is if

this is something 

of which to be proud.


I just envision them

all homogenized and safe

in their polite little gatherings

unable to see the truth;

unwilling to even face it.


I leave them there

& I take a walk outside

after a rain shower

& I see a rainbow 

forming from the asphalt

and I thank God

I’m not colorblind.


When I walk the zoo

& witness the brilliance

of a peacock’s feathers

& the glorious spots & stripes

of leopards & tigers

I’m glad I can discern color

& when I used to drop acid

that’s when I was really ecstatic

not to be colorblind.


And I can see skin color

as easily as hair or eye color.

It would be silly

not to see as much.

Black & white can both

be beautiful

and let’s not forget red and yellow

and all the glorious shades between.


Let everyone be what they are

Naïve pretense of sameness is stupid.

Let’s celebrate the differences

instead of politically correct notions.

I ain’t colorblind

& I don’t wanna be a sheep.

I’m just a human being

& so are all the other peoples

that gracefully decorate the planet.


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By jfarrell


Like a pond, a lake

(anything with water, even a puddle)

Disturb the surface in any way,

And you see the ripples.


If the light is right,

You’ll see rainbows,

Like a film of oil

Within the surface.

Disturb the pond over there,

And more rainbowed ripples.


Everything we do causes a ripple.

You’ve heard that saying,

Kill a butterfly here,

There has apocalyptic storms.


I press a switch here,

Say a word,




You press a switch there,

Say a word,





With beautiful rainbows in.

Everything we do makes



Catch a Rainbow

Just a thought!
Beauty in a rainbow from an afternoon rain,

 Seems to arch through the sky with multicolored stain.


Maybe fanned by a fairy and her magical wand,
In a misty colored forest bending light from beyond.


Maybe fat little leprechauns, with a coloring list

catching fairy dust run-off, from clouds in the mist


A sparkling array of colorful dreams

Shooting pockets of light, through rivers and streams


It's a "site to behold" Spectrum, this moist air glow...

I believe I'll chase one down and... catch a Rainbow.


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Still trying for that pot of gold'Tongue Out

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-saiom shriver-

Stars outpour
from his eye doors
Sparkling rainbows
from his feet
A calming voice
from his lips
From his fingers
healing heat


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Colors Of The Rainbows






Ye are, at thy core.


Ye are covered in bruises

Every shade of purple and orange,

Brown and yellow,

From banging thyself silly over trying to figure it out.


It is but a secret game played on 

Thine insatiably enduring mask 

Of naiveity

N'er to be explained.


In all the aeons of time, evermore...

'Tis thou angelic ones 

Such as thee, 

Strategically positioned.


It is specifically arranged in this way for you,

And those who pry snorting nares into

Piles of rubbish from concerns not theirs,

And so they will reap the same.


Must I write thee some flagrant rhyme

Or forked poetic verse

To inform thou,



Come in every color and hue?


Must I serenade it

Upon thy wanting ears...thy pouting heart,


This imagery

Dost indeed reek of thee?





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Fibonacci Riders

This road as wide as the horizon,
It's uncharted,and fades into the sun,
Will you pull us off onto the ramp now?
Or decide this is why we have come?
A broad open palette awaits us,
A blank piece of paper and pen,
Is this freedom too much for our asking?
Are we just chasing rainbows again?
We could play any tune in this octave,
There's unlimited ways we could fly,
We are weightless and riding on spirit,
With our heartbeats and breathing close by.
A creation's what's ending this journey,
So emerge into nothingness, where?
I forgot to tell you there's no problem,
'Cause, guess what?
We are already there.



Copyright 2013 ©

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About creating in sync with the flow of life.

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The Storm

I feel lost in my thoughts
Only the worst comes to mind
No bright side to be found
Like the calm before a storm
All seems good right now
But the storm will eventually come

Nothing good can come from a storm
It leaves mayhem and sadness in it's wake
But you can't live in the mayhem and sadness
You have to rebuild and overcome it

Even though at the time it's hard
Eventually the sun will come out
And even if there's still rain
The rainbow will be a beautiful sight.

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