today sky is the beauty

sky singing today
shining with a hope of everyone
everyday it hard
everyday want to sharp
but today everyone giving their part


so each photon emitted from everyone's heart
doesn't matter this is only for one day
what matter is

 frequency of their happiness is so large
how strong their harmony is ?
how today they helped moon to shine the sky?


in the middle of spark colors
somebody, vanish from this glory
to the hidden world of her
she is telling herself
"somewhere, where i can see
you are with me"


in the empty pages
trying to find which is already fulfill

playing so many fractions of life
want one day of relief
just want to play one life

just want to integrate everything

looking at the sky
let go wanness of everyday
let zeal and sweetness enter
maybe just for today

today is the today
yes perhaps  finally that somebody
gets what she need
get the best wishes friendly


the loneliness on the roof
somewhere far from family
thinking all about friends
joining the stars and

facing it lovingly

Author's Notes/Comments: 

something about my festival diwali and somebody feeling on that day

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Smiling Sky

The Sky Brightens,
It Smiles.

It's mood is changing
It is happy.
And it is joyous.

And the smiles shine down on us.
The happiness is so bright.
It's making us happy.

The sky is just like one of Us.

The sky can cry.
The Sky can feel.
The sky can laugh.
The sky can scream.
The sky can smile.

The sky is one of us.

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A Landscape: One of Glen's Corners

Fat white clouds rolled through the blue and
obscured the sun.
Against the haunted blue skyline sat
a cyclops poised
on a rail. His centered ruby stare
emblazoned like
a fire coaxed into embers beneath
glass. Released,
capsules on wheels, containing
slow-to-rot sort,
slide into play through field and
through paved way.

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Big in the sky

Suspended grand and high

Orb of merrily glowing light

But then just before dusk of every day

The string attached to earth unties

As it floats slowly by

My lips whisper

Good bye

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Enjoy :)

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Ignorance in the Sky

Oh, dear,

Firefly, firefly,

Against the midnight sky

Please tell me how, and tell me why

Does the sweet, sad wind so mournfully sigh?

Please tell me how, and tell me why

The clouds just hang and cry?

Quick, firefly fly...


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The sun is low on the
horizon, leaving the
clouds crimson.

The sky is so beautiful
to me now. I mean I
really love it.

I am all alone except
for this wonderful sky
with its clouds of glowing

Night would never come if
I could stay in this moment

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The Cycle of life and death of the age

Out of the sea, the serpent of many torments
will ascend
and the moon and the sun in suicidal union
will die before the children of this age
but this age is not yet at an end...

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Visions Of You!


As I sit here thinking of you
The sky reminds me of days a new

The shelter you give holds me up
The visions I see are to Glorify Thee

The sun rise peeks in to say
God gave you a brand new day.

The visions of you keeps my heart content
As the day goes on I stare at the sky
Sometimes I look up to ask you why?

But your love sustains me in the visions of you
I see your hand as you make me new.

O Lord keep those sky's so pretty and blue
help me see more visions of you.

Written By: Betty Bolden
Jesus Is My Joy Ministries

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Earth as a Star in Another's Sky

Alas! What can I do but keep reading?
To be known among men?
Hark! What a folly!
Cosmic significance is a goal yet unobtainable.
When shall a means reveal itself?
Our futile searching is but a quest
where the objective is known
and therefore as diminutive
as our thoughts.
To work unconsciously in harmony
doth construct
a grand château,
whose apex breeches
atmospheric boundaries
and leads the way
to a vast space with
the occasional point,
perchance bearing other beings.

-Ryan K. Fuller

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