Love With No Glove (Consequences)

He told me he loved me

and all of my doubt subsided.

I wasn't thinking straight

as our bodies collided.

Covered in a cold sweat

writhing in the summer heat.

windows wide open,

fingers fisted in sheets.

I was young and stupid,

thought nothing could touch me.

Until I missed two periods,

thinking I was gonna have a baby.

False alarm, false alarm,

I had no need to worry.

A different guy ready to go

Quicker now! Hurry.

Panting and groaning.

Biting at our lips.

Reaching new heights with

each collision of our hips.
He wasn't wearing a condom,

Promised he would pull out,

I wasn't flying high on cloud nine,

each moan gaining volume, a shout.

Next thing I know I'm filled up,

He never pulled out you see.

Now I'm stuck with the consequences...

Say hello to Mrs. HIV

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Not personal experience of course.

#TeamAbstinence.... But still its shocking how many people in the U.S. alone contract HIV and/or AIDS each year.... so I wrote about it

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My Beau

i spent the night with you
giving myself away
your bliss and mine
all intwined
your body hard and soft sublime

a rest. again. the bliss. a kiss.
your easy lips against my eyes
i watch you go where i had gone
and then you fall into my arms

a rest. a rest. again? again.
again the bliss the kisses hard
together go beyond the moon
and for a moment stroke the stars

a rest. a rest. breath soft and slow
bodies close from head to toe
one last kiss to bless the bliss
and with my beau asleep i go

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book 4

deep slow inhale
as scent of your sex burns upon the surface of my mind..
muscles tense and release as fingers grip thighs..
deep exhale
as passions twisted release winds its way across your pearl..
slow thrust of fleshy force into ur pleasure..
focus of self upon instant moment of release
deep within..
meditation as known guides path to unknown..
past doubts and mind
to the essence of the space between us
as we touch deep.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

reaching out through time and space between words that describe a feeling but not a touch..
d w t w s b t w o t l

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Message in a bottle

Message in a bottle
To: Love bug
Alcona, innisfil, ontario
March 18th 2013
Today I release a message in a bottle, from the shores of Internet sea. Pass it along with hopes of finding its way to her. When she sees it she will know its for her. Will my message arrive? When? By who's hands will it be delivered? So much mystery. Thinking of you always....

I love her eyes

But it's no surprise 
My death was inevitable
They have changed
Her view is deranged
I'm no longer lovable
I could get her back
Rebuild qualities I lack
Even alone that would net a gain
If I sit tight
I could win this fight
We may be a family again
I want her to say
Before my dying day
That I am father of the year
I love our son
He is the one
Who will change the path I steer
What I thought wouldn't cease
It was just a tease
What I could have if I was a better man
I made my mistakes
Again and again for gods sake
Why can't I just stick to my plan
I tried my best
To be better than the rest
But always caused myself to bleed
Held on so tight
Tried to make it right
Wonder if ill ever succeed 
I want to tell her my thoughts
How I love and miss her lots
Hard to do what is best for me
We both made our choice
Despite all the noise
Of others opinions spoke in harmony
Chased her for years
Tried to take away her tears
I need to let her love me
Love me for me
Not what I make her believe
When I try so hard not to be
An actor who shows
Her what she already knows
Is inside my heart of stone
If I put on a play
Plan everything  I say
All fakers end up alone
Ill step back a minute
Watch her go fight and win it
I need to get her out of my head
Climb from the hole I have dug 
Free to fly my love bug
No longer tangled up in my web
Author's Notes/Comments: 

Maybe this peom will reach her in the distant future. She is on Facebook but I am not. I could just message it to her but I cant get over my butterflies. I am too nervous to send it to her directly. 


Exploding Hearts

awaken to my heart of shame.

i cannot give this thing a name.

this is the source of life for some,

the tawdry place that love comes from.


i would protect but the body betrays.

taste the musk of secret forays.

try to await the thing i desire.

swallow mind body and soul entire.


but for me i just get a taste.

a tiny crumb erases the chaste.

i know this flavor.  it's known as sorrow.

rise only to plummet until i am hollow.


although i was once, now i'm a wraith.

what are these creatures so made of faith?

as if love alone could sustain us.

as if lust could never profane us.


shatter the windows, cast open the door.

protection brings nothing but sleep anymore.

i rush upon you as waves break on stone.

each caress flays skin flesh and bone.


sacrifice my pride on the altar.

from the beginning i knew i would falter.

all joy gained is tenfold lost,

but the novelty's worth any cost

for the one who smoulders my frost

for that one moment when our stars are crossed.

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Confusing Bliss


Violate me perversely
Body turned into a stepping stone
Pleasure me seductively
A tongue sliding inside, orally
Desired to do more sexually

Teasing me profusely
My urges can not stand too cave
Your eyes a stare sink into mine
Plunging into your body
You swing right back into mine
Forcing both of us to the ground

Leaving all desire to create love
Pulling down each others pants to explore
A sensation to give in for
Pushing our bodies to the bed

As morning turned too dark
As evening turned too light
Later that morning woke
Covered in bodies sweat

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A Sexual experience.

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Oh how I long for that morning,

Of bitter aftertaste and scowling eyes,

Empty promises and separate sheets,

Laid bare among that ripened taste,

Of fruit that juices fall,

Like lemons from adamantine times,


Love holds me captive again,

As I tremble,

With bittersweet longing.

Disposable Lovers

Seduced by what is before him,
Creature sheds clothing to rest flesh upon flesh.
Pressing his mind across her racing heartbeat,
Sanctuary forms as he caresses her skin.

Sunlight chases the creature into the unknown;
Stirring from her sleep she wonders why she aches for an angel;
Why she feels so utterly alone.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Because being with someone just to have someone is leading both hearts and mind astray.

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Two Morning's Aftermath

Crazy Olivia
Drunk Olivia
Doesn’t Give a Fuck Olivia
Was he worth it, girl?


Woman, you may have just become
Woman, you probably were already
Woman, integrity compromised
Woman, sensibility synthesized
Man oh man, what has been done to you?


Who could posses the power to withdraw
What purity and innocence in their powers restore?
Where did that part go that formed a whole
When a moment left you distraught; you never needed more.

I don’t know everything, not a little bit
And that I didn’t know that draws a short, silent fit.
But fermentation diluted honor’s stamina in some swigs.
Weakened by the weekend and an anonymous pig. 

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