Cigarettes and a Pound of Beef.


I've gone off them since you left
well since I kicked you the fuck out!

But I feel like one.
I want to rub the tip lightly with my fingertip.
suck down that dirty air and fill myself with crap.
I am lonely.

can you believe that? I miss the fuck out of you-
just the fuck mind you, I'm rosy as hell and to be
honest it's the one thing you did well

I am not ashamed to say it,
and I know no matter what she thinks
a dial and a click and you'll be over here quick
chucking your pants to the floor and offering dick.

I think I might take it, if I wasnt into games
I would tease it out so well,
watching you dipping my finger in scotch
of course I can fix myself up while you watch
but I know what your like. You're dangerous
when you dont get what you want, and damn
those forceful strong hands holding me down
just waiting for you to turn me around
and put me down on the ground
grind and pound baby,
grind and pound...
and to piss me off you'd light up a smoke
grab my hair and turn my face up towards you,
blow smoke in my face and ripping off lace...
that was before I took up trash.

I smoked to level the field, You never
could understand my desire to match your possession;
now your dumped. Out with the rest of my bad habbits.
I put out the light for you.
Now I'm alone in the dark this is all I am missing,
the chance to fuck fight with you.

I look at the number on my phone
I dial... it rings once, I hang up.
I smile and light my cigarette...
You're on your way .

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inbetween assholes at the moment...

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Chocolate or Love

I’m looking for a feeling
to consume my soul…my being.
More than happiness or joy or even ecstasy…
my life needs deeper meaning
than those simple words convey.
I need a feeling that will last
longer than one minute…one hour…one day.

It begins in my center…a warmth that will grow and bloom
then spread through my entire body even filling the entire room
in a way that makes me certain everyone can see
this feeling that I thought was inside of me…

But it isn’t…
it’s spreading faster and yet staying inside my body
where it has touched every nerve, every vessel, every vein…
until I feel like if I can’t control it
I just may go insane
But it’s a madness I quite enjoy—
an all encompassing feeling of contentment
better than the smile brought on by a toy
received on Christmas morning that I’d been dying to see under the tree…
what in the world brought on this amazing feeling inside of me?

My lips curve into a soft, slow smile
as my eyes drift slowly closed to better savor the feeling for a while
as the heat that began deep within
sends sparking tingles to my fingers and toes
and right when I think it just has to be peaking
I realize there are no limits to how it grows.

So now that I’ve found this feeling, I will not fight it…
I’ll enjoy it while it’s mine.
I’ll revel in its power…give in to its demands…
enjoy whatever it does to me during the time
I am fortunate enough for its embrace to be
wrapped around my soul…
since this could be the last time I have it…anything could
happen…you never know.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one makes me laugh because everyone thinks it's about some REALLY steamy sexual encounter I had.

It's not.

It was inspired by the BEST Chili-infused chocolate I ever tasted in my lift. It LITERALLY sent sparks running through my body...mmmmmm...chocolate....LOL

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Flaming Memories

Replace my cool soft pillow
With the warmth of your solid chest.
Fill the overwhelming silence that consumes my ears
With the rythm of you heart.
Wrap my body in your strong yet gentle embrace.
Nothing but sweat seperates our beings.
Even the most skillful DNA Analyst would have difficulty
Seperating our particals.
The release of your breath
Becoming the inhale of mine
Welcoming each one
As if the very being of my existence depended on you.
Body motion in unison to the beat building within like a crescendo
Climaxing with symbols crashing
Fire still blazing
Flames growing inwardly.
Fan towards the leak
And we both will explode.
Won't be consumed by the fire
Body activated extinguishers release once the temperature is just right
Saturation suffocates the inferno
Putting it out with ease.
Not a flame left in sight.
Only evidence is steam arising from moist hot flesh.
No words are spoken.
There are none to be said.
The memory should live
Only inside our heads,
The only reminder that will remain
Is in the moment our eyes meet
And our minds dance again
To a silent beat.

sex 4.0


The digital sex drive, the virtual lust, and the upgrading that we crave,
we are version 4.0, the quad core super orgasmic proto-pleasure machines,
we are virtual desire we are pleasure in the flesh.

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Temporary Love

Wistful memories of you seep into my mind as the tones of this song enter my ears. Once we were the drums of love, strumming for what seemed would be an eternity.
How wicked that this fairytale we once had is ending, when I once thought you'd be my prince charming forever.
Every morning you were the first breath I took, the first thing I saw, the first though that came into my mind, yet as the love you've given me has slipped away so has my memory of you.
I was once your prized posession, and now I'm your ragged doll. I'm torn, broken, and used under your hands- unsure of what love even means anymore.
I was never given that fateful, coveted chance, and now not only is my heart gone, but yours is torn as well. How could you love her when you were supposed to love me? How can you love her when I was supposed to be eternity?
Now with each glance I throw your way, I must remind myself it's not genuine. We were supposed to be a family, but now it's just a lie. We were once collaborated, but you exiled me from your world to bloom into the party animal you were destined to become.
You're a lustful beast I pity, yet I stand here with you heart: it's broken yet pretty. Pretty because I hope that I might be able to repair it.
I want you, I need you. This is your final chance, yet you push me away without noticing what little time you have.
My soul is beaten and bruised, and although what everyone sees in me is strength and courage, I'm dying faster than ever with the pain you deliver.
And now I beg you as I end my plea: what will it be: her, or me? My love will be pure like a diamond in the rough, and this is your last change so the decision will be tough. Tough nonetheless, but I promise you it's yours. So choose my love or my freedom, because if not I will never return.

Lustful Breaths

The immoral pleasure and of submitting yourself to one's hands…Your mind and body are floating on anticipation, Your heart trembles and it becomes reality, Your expectations have became into a reality, You calm down from your floating anticipation, As your skin and body are touched by delicate fingers, This is reality, Thinking about the moment that two lips touch, That sensation…that pleasure that’s already etched into one's brain, Leaving love marks…evidence and echo of a meeting of the hearts, The heat tension that occurs when looking into the eyes, holding her by the waist, intoxicated by her lips, personality unique, expressing each other though lust, because we done said what we must, Holding her tight because I don’t want this moment to end, expressions that last an eternity is all I ask, touch of hearts already established that, main focus is on her, my vision may be blurred because of looking at her beautiful eyes, and all I gotta say is…Im a lucky guy to have you with me at this moment.

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My Child Inside

8 months and 28 days,
I toss and I turn tonight
blankets on, blankets off,
the streetlamps outside are too bright

I moan, I whimper
I need to get some sleep
I feel so uncomfortable
my sweat is soaking the sheets

He is getting so big,
I'm swollen round and firm
any day now he is due to come
He's excited so he squirms

But mommy is trying to sleep
mommy needs her rest
he sure is having fun in there
but hes being quite the pest

I rub my womb to calm him
I whisper into the night:
"Shh shh sweetheart"
my stomach is stretched so tight

I can feel his little heart pumping
I can feel his feet
he is almost done growing inside me
and I cannot wait till we meet

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my abyss

naughty ramblings

can i invite you to swim in my abyss

to a worthy companion the journey beins with a kiss

this trip is sure to travel with a flair called bliss

it is one that you won't certainly want to miss

all that i am is interwoven in this

the love we will share you will not dismiss

the places i will take you can't be taken as trists

are you deep enough to stand up and handle this new Miss?

Stuck on what?

i try to move on but the feelings not there
theres only one person for whom I do care
she can be moody, and sometimes seem mean
But thats just the price she must pay to be queen
I want to move on, and find something new
but what i desire is someone thats true
random girls and random flings
and sex with no attachment of strings
is just not for me, i care too much
and if i dont care
they dont deserve my touch
a touch so soft, between their lips
caressing short hairs with finger tips
my lips that move on down their back
and find the spots that make them react
they quiver and long for nails in their cheeks
as I pound my cock till our knees get weak
Rubbing and slapping and biting and grabbing
all the while my cock deeply stabbing
paying attention to what fells the best
to give an orgasm better than the rest
This is what I lonjg to give
but noone can make me feel the way that she did
its always just empty with no need to please
where is the girl who ill love with such ease
even inside of a bed laced with fleas
where is the girl who can try and releive
the pain that i feel to just sit here and breathe.
im so alone and empty and lost
surely my actions were not worth the cost.

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