Man Vs. Woman

Altogether different, by nature draws together
One with hands of satin, the other, hands of leather.

X and Y , a different breed, by far, a different mental need
Whats physical and plants the seed
She suddenly feels the emotional lead
That he forsakes in the name of greed
Her sideways glance that he can't read
her heart that easily so can bleed
that fault of hers that he can't feed.
A man is a man, and a woman can plead.

It's as simple as that. X and Y
Accept it for what it is.
And you are his.

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It’s little or nothing
When I see you
When you kiss me
When you touch me

Not in the way

All the things are real
At least most of them

So don’t stop
But don’t think it’s going any further.

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The clock ticks
&I tell you tostay
With little or no hope
For somekindof “next time”
All those daydreams
Of you and me
And all those nights you’ll never get to walk me home
As I stumble and make stupid jokes
About how you can’t cook
Because you can’t
Not because I know this
But because you never have
At least for me
I lay there with you
Waiting for the right time to turn
Andyouwilltakeit as a sign
To restart what we did last night
And at dawn
And a couple of minutes after that
As you pulled my hair
I couldn’t help but think
Away from my eyes
So you could gaze at me
And give me that smile
That we all long to smile
But that’s not what I’ll get
It’s not what I want
At least from you
I won’t pretend like this is anything more
Because this is all that I want
At least from you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Odd spacing is all on purpose. Came out that way when I wrote it so I kept it that way.

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A Dance With the Devil

I play my games
fluttering my eyelashes
Licking my lips
You catch your breath
When I simply move my hips
Perfumes of nervous sweat
By the time my strap slips
I know that you want me
I hear your eager yips
But patience my dearest
Take small, sweet sips
You reach to caress me
Your whole world flips
Open your eyes
See all my lies
I was never even near
Your fingertips
Beg all you please
I am but a tease

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Of Sin and Sorrow

Welcome the opium, caressing your being.

You know that it’s wrong, but oh so freeing,

Baby close your eyes, let it all in.

Come, let us bathe in Sin.

Taste that sweet poison, lithium to your lips.

This is all playing out, like actors with scripts.

Imbibe a little more, and watch the room spin.

Come, let us bathe in Sin.

Our bodies intertwined,

While slowly I whine.

Don’t do this, You know you’re in bliss;

Just stay right here, skin on skin.

Come, let us bathe in Sin.

Striding toward the door,

Mumbling, “what a whore”.

No, what have I done?

Please, please hun.

Come, let us bathe in Sorrow.

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The Rod vs. Exoticness

The Rod vs. Exoticness

As I sit here in my bare skin only forces of the earth

can express what my body is feelin. At this very

moment in time I can feel the sun rise, as the heat enter's

my body it makes the rain come from the clouds that seem

to drift for years, an overflow so wet even noah's ark would

have to protest the diversity of this climax. I just can't

address, you see, you would have to be within to

understand the passion that lies deep down within

the sculptured frame of my exoticness. First, the thrusts

of the my walls griping the rod of the earth. Next, the

rod gently reaches each corner of the universe. After, the

overflows of the sea comes ashore the rod of the earth

tries to pursue with force until it can't take anymore,

it subsides after the volcanic eruption.. It realizes the

sculpted frame of the exoticness is more than the rod could stand.

As I sit here in my bare skin only words can express what

my body is feelin.


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one touch

As we talk we become alive
We become more
We become dirty
I watch as you do the things
The things that excite me
It makes me harder
Harder than ever befor
Like nothing
I see you take ur clothes off
You use things big things
Amazing things
I start I can't stop
More more
I can't control
I go harder
Sweaty we both are
Hotter and hotter
Harder and harder
I want her
I want her
I scream her name
As she moaned mine
We can't control what's being realeaed
She explodes I explode
A mess is left
We lay there

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Little thing

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You hit me up first, damn ain't that a first
I can't tell if it's concern or really just the thirst
Who cares, we're here now, doing whatever works
So what's the worst? Will we just end up hurt?
Or falling in love again, we've wasted precious time making brand new friends
And when we connect through the skin, the touch, the feel
You bring me closer to closure, taking away what's real
I fell asleep at the helm, and woke up next to you
Peering at a smile that could induce a flu
Lovesick, baby, I really wish you knew
That I've been smoking and dranking my way through
To get into something like happiness

Just for one night can you pretend like everything'll be alright?
Or is that to much to ask for? I can't just treat you like the last whore...
You strut around with your new found glory
While my heart beats out my chest leaving the pavement gory
Is this really the end to our story? Or does it just turn out worse?
I guess I'll just say this like I rehearsed

I'm sorry I'm not sorry for all the bullshit
I'm sorry my gun of verbal insults contained a full clip
A nine full of fallacies leaving you mad at me
And it's sad to see that that you're smiling and it's not because of me
Does he know you're here right now?
Does he know bout that lace under your gown?
A relentless hate fuck is going down
Yeah he would clown if he knew how you were prancing around
The tone when you moan, I swear it does something
You go on and on bout how I'm the shit when it's really nothin'
You know I always knew how to get you off, quit all the frontin'
You said you weren't returning, now look who's cummin'

Author's Notes/Comments: 


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SEX what is sex why does it feel so good. A lot of people who have sex especially boys they go around saying the girl was wack or this and that. There is no such thing as a girl who is wack or a boy who is wack about having sex. What is sex I ask . Sex I a connection that u make beyond get close to someone the reason when u have sex with someone and it don't feel good then u don't love that person. Because if ur heart is not connected with that person then so will the bottom. It's like a multiple outlet plug if the main source is not connected then how the rest of it going to function. The more ur heart connect with somebody the better the feeling.

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