Exploding Hearts

awaken to my heart of shame.

i cannot give this thing a name.

this is the source of life for some,

the tawdry place that love comes from.


i would protect but the body betrays.

taste the musk of secret forays.

try to await the thing i desire.

swallow mind body and soul entire.


but for me i just get a taste.

a tiny crumb erases the chaste.

i know this flavor.  it's known as sorrow.

rise only to plummet until i am hollow.


although i was once, now i'm a wraith.

what are these creatures so made of faith?

as if love alone could sustain us.

as if lust could never profane us.


shatter the windows, cast open the door.

protection brings nothing but sleep anymore.

i rush upon you as waves break on stone.

each caress flays skin flesh and bone.


sacrifice my pride on the altar.

from the beginning i knew i would falter.

all joy gained is tenfold lost,

but the novelty's worth any cost

for the one who smoulders my frost

for that one moment when our stars are crossed.

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I enjoyed the star-crossed

WinkI enjoyed the star-crossed allusion and the unique rhyme scheme - creativity lives here nicely ~a~



and_hera_met_zeus's picture

thanks stella!!!

thanks stella!!!