Crests and troughs on the water surface

Gently ripple through the tranquil pond 

As my buffalo and I walk across the marshland 

On a journey back home--

if only we knew where home was


The reflected sunlight on the gently rippling tides shone so bright

Causing me to avert my gaze 

From the glittery bright light that could possibly represent 


As if someone is looking down on me

And my kind buffalo

Someday my buffalo and I will go

From this peculiar place 

of uncertainty

And one day we might find

Somewhere we could call home

But until then my buffalo and I 

Will keep walking on by

Until these marshes bleed dry

Until the crests and troughs

Gently ripple no more 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

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Banana Tree

Oh my dear banana tree 

Oh how you make me, dear banana tree

Feel as elated as I can possibly be. 

So wonderful you are, my dear banana tree

What a pleasure it is, to have your trunk beside me


You give such an amazing yield;

So fruitful and so useful, I don't need a field

 Of other banana trees to do their job-- 

Because you satisfy me -- even more than corn on the cob. 


As we live in a tropical climate 

And you do not need to give your fruit to primates 

All your beautiful bananas will be mine 

And I forever shall not find

Another replacement quite as fine,

As the lovely dear banana tree 

That I claim to forever be mine 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

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A marriage of the roses


A fornication of roses, a tearing down of the walls of innocence...

in unity we present ourselves before the goddess in this divine lust,

this marriage of sin and pleasure...

as separate flesh and separate souls we stand before the holy flame of the sacred of candle,

before the moon and heaven,

and the living and the dead, in this blood ritual, we become one.

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Pretending With Issues

What’s the point of a friendship when there are deeper emotions involved?

Do you want continue play mind-games or be nothing to me at all?

I never lied to myself; your comforting words was never enough for me

You should know very well what I wanted you to see

My feelings aren’t meant to be played with like a mindless doll

Never been the type to pretend not when I have issues that makes me fall

My heart desperately needs affection, beating uncontrollably for you in all directions

It longed for yours but all you had to give is an erection

Will it be you pulling the strings, manipulated by a puppeteer’s selfish motives to the end?

Can it be so simple to just pretend?

Pretend nothing is wrong from within

Your actions are telling my heart, “Stop being difficult.” Is my love for a impassionate man a sin?

The morals inside of me tells me to press on and leave from this emotional torment

It’s not a relationship but I know I want to be free from the attachment

Friends never get this attached through one’s fascination

This isn’t no love, it could simply be infatuation

Admittedly, cravings of lust for you was there

Live with no regrets, all I can do is sincerely care

If respect was ever in your category, my departure from you then you’ll understand

Romantic love is just as rewarding as intimate lust, but to learn that you’ll have to mature further as a man

Take care; I hope you realize one day my heart was one of the rarest


Treat others the same way I loved you then may maybe you will end up with a woman just as fairest  

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Give me good feedback and criticism!

Sex With You



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kisses soft against my legs, in circles


like the sweetness of your morning hug


leisurely pacing your way to my toes


as if tasting each one, carrying me to the place only we know,


i'm a million miles away, and yet feel you so close


next time i open my eyes, your hand like a mountain stream flows,


the touch feels like heaven as your body slides up,


and i kiss every inch that i can as you clutch


then loosen your hold to my hips now in time,


your tongue on my breasts, this is more than sublime,


enraptured i offer my hands to your pleasure


and to my surprise you decsend again, my breath answers


a sigh is released from its place deep within, 


the sound seems to stroke you, as if you've gone in


i feel chills down my spine and then up again


and i reach for your legs, and more kissing begins


your chin at my pelvis, and now there is thrust


making love to these parts we become like a chorus


inspirations are deep and our bodies begin to roam


heart and soul timing, like a precise metrodome


a plateau of pleasure, escalation does entice


we kneel face to face just to breathe the love from each other's eyes


then you reach for my face with both hands and we kiss


with angels' wings donned we revel deep into bliss


the breathing is faster, we grapple and vie


as i guide you by the hand, and upon me you lie


like raindrops from heaven, joined in blissful suspension


and we lay with the stars, the aftermath of ascension


flesh on our flesh you lean close as i drift


and i feel lips on my eyelids


as i think ...'it gets no better than this'.



12:45 PM 7/16/2013 ©



Thirteen Issues


I saw your white stained teeth

Through the black scruff

And tobacco-stench breath

You kissed me on the nose

In the back of your mother’s car

And slowly, I descended with grace

And after all these years all I have learned from you:

What is gone, may never asphyxiate 


Poking Around

Do you remember when we would get drunk, and I would feel your naked body

All the parts that I like

And you would be open allwhere and I'd be there

Poking around?


Then in the day I would talk about beautiful things with the people who offered a rip in themselves

Or talk beautifully about things

Or talk about things

Or talk.


And I would walk for awhile and imagine myself wherever I please

Pretending here and there

With honor melting from the world and into me and only me

So when we met again we were strange and new

And it would be time to drink again

So you and I could be open allwhere

And poke around.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

There was a time in my early 20s when I was so full and so empty at the same time, living in cold water apartments, sleeping in bathtubs, fucking and pretending, and going to college.  I've lived at sea now for a few years and sex and seduction are more and more becoming distant memories.  This poem is about a strange time when one could be naturalistic without being ineloquent, and heartfelt yet unsentimental, and get away with the grandest prize.  Looking back on it now and writing this, it seems very sad and beautiful and alien and a little evil, and I miss it late at night and early in the morning.

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Don't be stupid

Pain and Heartache

Look around

Don't make a sound.

Swallow back your tears.

Close your eyes,

Whispered goodbyes.

Cold night and lonely years.

Your heart throbs,

Hold back sobs,

Relax and float away.

His cold embrace.

Hand carresses your face.

Don't believe what he may say.

Push him back,

Lie there slack,

So he may see your pain.

Do not fret,

He can't forget,

This is all for his gain.

So swallow pride,

You may confide.

Let him in, on this dark night.

But in the morning,

Your heart is roaring

You must cast him from your sight.

Lay him down,

In him you drown,

But, honey don't be stupid.

He'll dump you flat,

like a welcome mat.

This man, he is no cupid.

Your love is gone,

With the coming dawn,
And you see your tragic mistake.

Once again,

You've let him in

Leaving your broken heart in his wake.

Cheap Brandy and Desperation

Cheap Brandy and Desperation Lane,

love doesn't matter in this place.

Only drowning your sorrows in bitter taste.

Were feelings are gone, sex takes its place.

Yearning to feel anything but pain,

longing to know something that is real.

Passing up your inhibitions

And giving in to the feel.

Handcuffs and play things,

more Brandy on the rocks.

Nothing to keep you grounded,

ditch the shoes keep the socks.

You know she doesn't love you,

But you long to be inside her.

Confusing passion for affection

blurring your emotional divider.

She may long to get closer

yet you refuse to let her in.

Only wishing for more ectasy and pain,

let these sick games begin.

Then you feel yourself falling

its as if your losing control,

So you push her away

since she has strayed from your goal.

So you scour the the streets

looking for a girl on emotional vacation.

So you can both hide your depression,

in Cheap Brandy and Desperation

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Bleh... Too many poems focus on a girl's point a view so I did my best to capture that of a male

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