The Taxi Driver.


I was horny as can be.
I had to ease the pain.
My penis was aching.
I could not take the strain.

I called 911.
I was going to burst.
I needed a pussy.
I felt I was cursed.

They hooked me up.
To a nearby club.
Where they take your money.
And rub your stub.

I called up a taxi.
To get me a ride.
The tissues I used.
I put them aside.

The taxi came faster.
then I would have guessed.
The driver was hot!
I must have been blessed.

My boner arrived.
It was bulging again.
I think that i was
going to split a vein.

Where are you going?
asked the front seat show.
To the strip club ahead!
i said with a blow.

I see that your aching.
You're shooting out snow.
I can assist you,
you still wanna go?

Was she a dream?
Was I even awake?
A real life pussy?
I can actually take?

Oh my gosh.
You are so cute!

With one tug of her arm.
She pull off her vests.
I had a great view.
Of her mouthwatering breasts.

I was so nervous.
Yet so excited.
My penis was burning.
I was extremely delighted.

You going to sit there?
And only watch?
or should i come over there?
and lick your crotch?

She came over to me.
And gave me a kiss.
I felt i was king.
I felled this great bliss.

She unbuckled my pants.
And she ripped it apart.
my penis flung outwards.
that wasn't very smart.

Your penis is bigger.
then i would have thought!
will it even fit
in my honey pot?

My 8 inch dick.
was flopping around.
she told me to relax.
and to lay down.

She put her vagina
right on the head.
she twirled it around
all over her shed.

It felt to good!
I never wanted to stop!
She was like an angel.
sitting atop.

I started to pump.
Even harder than before.
All sort of fluids
were drenching the floor.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Any thought or idea's on how this should end?

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Within His Wet Dreams...(Eroticism)


It is the look in his eyes that intrigues me
Followed by mental passion excitement
Overwhelms me with sensitivity
Electric stimulations hits me deep
Power surges move within me
Shocking me intensely
As you kiss my neck
Lick me down my back
Submitting to our tantric stimulation
Has my thighs aching
Craving your sweet kisses
Please go deeper
As you search my treasure map
Dig a little harder
Yeah thats it right there

As sweat drip down my thighs
I love the way you make me high
Take me on this orgasmic ride
Thank you for allowing me to relax
Within the presence of your sexual essence
As you touched me in places
No other man would dare to go
As oceans of orgasms breached the seams
Thank you for unleashing me

You will never understand how i have longed for this
Too many nights have passed alone in this abyss
To many morning awaking from these dreams horny
Wishing i could just call out to you
When the urges hit me
You know when the thought of you
Makes my thighs weak and my pussy leak
Yes at that very moment when it begins to throb
Deep down inside my thighs
Waiting for you to come nourish me

Unleash me
Untie me
Fuck it Sweetie
Allow me to breach the seams
Kiss my back
As you stroke me intensely
Hell bring out the freak in me
Allow me to be that slut
You be fucking in your wet dreams
Come on Sweetie
I anit no punk
Give it to me uncut and raw
I wanna feel you deep in my belly
Crawling up the spine of my back
Dusting off this pussy
As you licking the cob webs away
Peirce my soul Sweetie
Hold on tight
I promise i want fight

Will you let me kiss your neck
As i suck on your adams apple
Kissing my way down your chest
As i relax my head
As I kiss your belly button
As I kiss the small of your head
Licking down the veins
That drives you insane
Allow me to enjoy you
As you enjoy every kiss
Every lick takes you deeper
And deeper within
The circle of my cyclone

Let's ride the storm Sweetie
Until our bodies explode
Pull my hair Sweetie
Make me scream
As you make love to me
Turn me over
Spank dat ass
Bit my neck
As you grab my pussy
From the front
Allowing me to bust
From your deep thrust
As i am screaming out for more
You dont mind giving me
Just what i need
And i dont mind Wetting you up
Because it relaxes me
Damn I love your Wet dreams..

© 2012 cassandra Evolutionsofpoetry covington

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To Taste Your Kiss (freewrite)

I'd do just about anything to taste your lips, I'd die a hundred times over to place my hands on your hips. I'd jump from heaven just to smell your hair, I'd kneel and I'd pray just to rip and strip the clothes you wear and ravish you. Closed eyed and delivering kisses on your bare skin, holding on so tightly with part of myself within your body, and within your mind, two celestial bodies entwined with life and love. Forgetting all about the stress and strife of our life just by becoming one with each other tonight. I'd do just about anything to make you moan, I'd die a hundred times over to leave your mind blown from being held all night in sweaty passion and losing yourself inside of me as I place myself inside of you. Lack of experience will not stop me, lack of experience will not scare me, the lack of experience only means that you will be the one to teach me and I will learn only about you. I'd do just about anything for you to scream my name, I'd die a hundred times over to fuel your flame and I aim to do this, I claim that I can, and after you've come, to your senses I'll hold you all night keeping you awake with kisses, and with love and my skin against yours, waiting and wanting for it all to happen again.

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Wet Dreams....


I`m looking for that new shit
Yes that right shit
Got me going coo coo for cocoa puffs
You know dat brutha
Who don't mind putting it down
He`s not afraid to make me scream his name
Have me biting my lip
Screaming pull my hair
Telling him to
Slap my ass Daddy
Cause you taking me there

Do you know who he is
Yeah that one who don`t eat happy meals
He needs a Big Mac
Or should I say a Double Deluxe Quarter pounder
No fires with that please
He knows just what I need
He may not be 6`9
May not be built like Hericlues
But he aims to please me
In every way
Got me touching my toes
Doing hand stands and back bends
Damn that boy is great

He comes Super deluxe
Superbly delicious
In all the right places
Has me tongue lashing
And back scratching
A wild man
Straight out the mutha fucking jungle
Shit Tarzan anit got nothing on this brutha
I ask you once again
Do you know him
Because It`s a five alarm fire
Every damn time he shows up

You must have misunderstood me
Did I say his name was Tyrik
Damn I'm so messed up
The bruthas got me feening for more
Just one more round
Damn I love it when he goes downtown
Hitting those deep curves
Like a surfer
Hitting those high waves
As he got me screaming his name
Pat me down daddy
Fill me up
Until my joy cup
Runs over
As my sheets bare the essences of your presence
This is one dream I will keep on repeat

(C) 2012 Cassandra Evolutionsofpoetry Covington

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I know this chick

By the name of Monroe

Though I barely know her

She's had me since hello

She gets my heart pumpin'

My blood starting to flow

She makes my knees weak

She hits me real low


Chopped black hair

Nevah stayin' the same

Always makin' new rules

Always changing the game

She keeps me movin'

Like dancing on a flame

She's a wild one

One you'll never tame


Talk your shit

'cause it's fine with me

All that really matters

Is that she is mine


A moment I dream of

That I'm always dying to capture

An amount of thrill

That you just can't measure

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Personified within me...


Dubiously I feel the warmth of your presence
Ignited the wooziness within me
Makes my knees fragile to feel you near
To hear you whisper in my ear
My passion begins to bleed
Running through my veins
Is the very quintessence of you

Trampled is my body
As goose bumps repeal me
As your flesh covers me
Caresses every inch of me
Juices begin to flow
Secretions of love
Are escaping from within

Touched by the everglades
Our romance is glistening
Trapped within our embrace
Intoxicated in honey-suckled essence
Covered in rose pedals
Relaxed in passion
Exhausted by the thought of you
Standing here before me
Unleashing reins of serenity

Passion eludes my flesh
As you suck on my neck
Kissing my nipples
As your tongue ring dances
Up and down
Across my flesh
Passion excites me with every stroke
Every pop of your tongue
Releases my ego
Bask lashing this ass
Brutha please
Hold on tight
Cause I'm about to take flight

As my body shivers
To your rhythmic love groove
So hot
So tempted
Ready to climax
The pleasure is unbearable
Please dont stop
Just give me more
As I allow you to explore
The very essence of my honey pot
Yes, thats it
thats my mutha fuccing spot

As i looking into the mirror
Who is that i see
Oh dam it's the freaky Bitch with in me
Hit it harder
As you are
Transforming me
Satisfying my inner mystery
I never want to awake
From this eluding dream

(c) 2012 cassandra Evolutionsofpoetry covington

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Hell's Whore

Hell's Whore
Mortals are real but pictures lie
Unlike legends people die

In this realm where Demons dwell
Morality is fake and sex sells

Trust is lost
Hearts are bankrupt because love costs

Morbid and fragile are the minds
Drinking their blood as they dine

This soul is not my own
Wandering about looking for a home
I walk this hell all alone

Astral projection
I’ve lost all direction
I have no armor, no protection

This hell has become a bore
I want, I need, so much more
Broken down to the core
This pit has become such an eye sore
I want, I need, to know; I need, to be, so much more

But I am nothing but a whore
Giving myself away until I am no more

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Cynical Bastard

So, my English teacher called me a cynical bastard.
She doesn't recall the night I was at her house, completely plastered.
In the bedroom, it made no difference that I had no dad.
All she knew was that it was her time to hop on, and that she'd been bad.
Everyday, I sit in her class; I put up with her shit.
She's really pissed off because I made her swallow when she pleaded for spit.
Revenge will take its place once I spread the word around the class;
That I spread our teacher's legs and pounded her tiny ass.
And as it nears the end of the week,
I'll call that bitch back up and get her under the sheets.
Why must we lie and make up false pretexts?
When you're receiving a willing male, for a month of sex. <3

The woman in black

Leading me down to her core,
smoke fills these life filled halls, a smile back comforts on.
My eyes weary and dazed, my body numb to the sounds of pain
my hand taken into her's, those sounds of lust seemed to kiss my ears,
led deeper into her world of lies, how longer must I endure this trial?
The women in black throws me down on her rest,
her body warm, my skin sends tingles, like spiders across the flesh,
hodling me back her tongue enwrapped in mine.
Lost in our endless lust, my hands reaches to unzip her dress
but there's no loyalty on par, no harmony or reason for co-existence,
no love to talk of danger, only the betrayal of another like the dagger in the back,
oh mercy help me, what I do please forgive me
my love must never hear, see nor know, of my sweet woman in black.
Her lips a a deep red, her eyes a shade of black
her body rocking forward, onto mine,
my hands along the soft flesh,
the clothes of conceal dropped to the floor,
her body bear, her twisted smile,
she likes to know, that I'm her's, trapped in her web like the fly on the spider's web,
drew in, forever her's, forever trapped, a prisoner to my own lust, belonging to the woman in black...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

hope you like it :)

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