One night stand.

You approached me like a rush of fire, the burn shatters through me
The trace of you all over my skin, a hound dogs scent.
Those eyes, those hungry eyes, following my existence
Circling me, full of desire, your lips parting softly.

Picking pieces of the puzzle of my heart apart
Playing with them freely, yet tenderly with care
Innocence has left us, left me in the wild
Among jaguars, wild, beautiful, rare, perfection, You.

I cling to you in desperation, my cries harmonise with yours
The jungle leaves penetrated by movement, intimacy.
The misty air surrounds us, your eyes like burning hell
Yet angels grace your presence as the sun hits the horizon.

The stars die out, exaughsted, a new day is here.
You left me eleven numbers, one by one appear,
The memory of your face, your touch, eternal in my mind.#
Our destinies will collide once more, even if it takes eternity
to find.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

One of my most favourite poems i made :)

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Sexual fantasy.

Come step into this azure sunrise with me,
The rippling of the softened waves, feeling, touching,
holding us.
Drips of sunrise, trickling down the nape of your neck,
Moistened skin, rubbing hot, drying cool.

The silhouette of your intimate features, cascading over me
like a bright-eyed shadow.
The outline of perfection, filled with
confused orange and black.

Your tongue, absent of 'I love you'
Your touch, absent of security
Your expression, absent of comfort
Your taste, bursting with dazzling splendours and desire.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by a photo in my classroom. Made during class ^-^

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Lil Freak Girl

They kept her under lock and key,
Hoping the world would never see,
That lil freak girl wanting to be free.
They hid her away from girls and boys.
So she stayed to herself playing with her toys.
The only thing that ever brought her some joy.
She has toys that are big and some that are small.
We ain't talkin teddy bears or no Barbie doll.
Lil freak girl prefers knives and pain above all.
She is into all sorts of dirty deeds.
Jus to fulfill her sexual needs,
She will cut you deep until it bleeds.

Lil freak girl loves causin others pain,
Lil freak girl wants to sever your vein.
Lil freak girl will have you screaming her name.
Lil freak girl, some say she's insane.
After one night with her you'll never be the same.

She craves the taste of fresh blood on her lips.
She has loved the flavor since her first sip,
When she sank her teeth into anothers hip.
Lil freak girl can't help but lose control,
when the demonic urges take hold.
Tryin to fill the empty space that was once her soul,
She'll seduce you with her wild green eyes.
You'll be persuaded by all her promising lies.
And fall in love in between her thighs.

Lil freak girl loves to take it from behind.
Lil freak girl her tricks are super fine.
Lil freak girl who's body is so devine,
Won't you let me make you mine.
Lil freak girl, you one of a kind.

Whips, chains and handcuffs,
Lil freak girl likes it rough.
Harder, faster, she can't get enough.
Make her bleed and make her scream,
Then nibble a bit on what's in between.
That's the secret to making her cream.
But beware when she does bust a nut,
You should be ready, your in for a cut.
Jus some blood and a lil pain, so what?

Lil freak girl wants to be thrown around,
Lil freak girl loves being pinned down.
Lil freak girl wants fucked on the ground.
Lil freak girl, feel your heart start to pound.
Scream for me, make my favorite lil freak girl sound.

I hid her away under lock and key,
So that the world would never see,
That lil freak girl is actually me.

11/15/2011 5:28 AM

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this one night when i couldnt sleep. I want to put some rock music to it and make it a song, but i dont know. I usually dont post things Im not proud to share but I was told its pretty wild and I need to post it. I said what they hey, no one reads my stuff anyway. Lol. So if you actually read this, Thanks and sorry for wastin your time. LoL. :) Peace.

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The Feeling

Poems 2011

My God the feeling
I love it or love her
Its so hard to figure out

May the reason be for
looks, orgasm, or the connection
with her body wrapped around mine;
elements me with the sensation of electricity

The charge is an upgrade
a boy I am no longer
a man I have become

At the end, I kissed her
and said "thank you love"
Her glowing eyes rolled with a smile
She gave up the fight

Under Sheets

We stepped into familiar air.
The smell of sex
and bad decisions hanging
heavy like the curtains on the window
we broke in through.

I held my breath,
admiring your musculature,
watching other mouths speak Love
in a way that made simply saying it

reading out loud while
passing a bottle between us;
every sip a step closer to lust
just dance with me, lover.

We took everything off,
stood bare like trees
after the fruit’s been picked
seeds sinking back into the earth,

whispers stinging
like a windchill,
winter smothering the night,
nerve endings burning
like the tips of cigarettes
smoked between muscle spasms.

You shook like San Francisco
the day I made a river out of you,

your tongue trailing off
to other continents
the constellations
spelling out our names,

crashing into each other
like waves, arms out and open
waiting for the other
to stay.

We held on for as long as we could,

eyelids turning into anvils,
bodies on the cusp of meaning,
bones making music with the moon

a song
cursing the morning
for coming too soon.

©2011 Patrick Szajner

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Fuck diamonds.

Electric shock waves,
incandescent and ethereal.
We connect together like a series of puzzle pieces
in perfect format.
Within layers of skin,
and silenced screams,
surrounded by fireworks and artistry..
we burst open and cease.

Fuck diamonds,
orgasms are a girls best friend.

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Sexual XXX

let me take a look into your heart a look into your mind, let me give you emotins that you can feel in your spine. let me love you like no one love you befor , let me be that man who want treat you like a lost soul.
can you feel my breath as i taste your lips, let me be the one that make your body slip.

let me hold you tight like im your hero of the night,let me rescue the sexaul cravens you try to fight. let me rub up against that click with my fingures on your print, let me eat your pussy and goggle on its juice like its breathmints.

just let me spread your hips and make you toss turn and flip, just let me put my dick in you so you can ride and dip. passion now that you feel the sex im giving you , make you smile like a happy meal. just let me suck your neck,kissed your breast, caress your body without giving it a rest.

let me allow you to sit on my face, so you can work that pussy on my tounge untill your body shake. let me slurp until you squirt, skit it in my mouth as i swolled for desert. just let me have that pussy throbbing until it hurt on the out skirt. mmmm damn that pussy good, now just allow me to burp. now let me have another round and this time i will tie you down and wild fuck you like a blood hound.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

would you just let me do these things that i once use to do to fill your pleasure of the old me now mix into the new.

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People Who Abstain (a self-poetry8?)

I used to be a whore
and so
so many are on
the complicated pandemic
of love
just thinking about it
can make you swoon

or wretch

easily-breakable bracelets
tossed carelessly
into the cellar

people who abstain
too ugly to get laid, living
under the alias of ‘abstinent’, ‘ unhappily
they wear glasses
read the Bible

and write

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a found poem created from the description of an contest courtesy of the very young and very talented poet “greenewhiplash”. The title of the contest was “Waiting ‘til Marriage: A contest on Romance and Society"

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Goddess forgive me,

If the agony crash me under your spell,

It was the impulsion of the lover!

No killer ever loved you,

Your purple eyes staring back at the water,

The river was playing your requiem,

The back of my hand,

Gently stroking your hair,

Black, Cleopatra shinning,

No queens or kings could rob such jewels!

I came close to your ear,

Whispering the three magic words,

You simply turned toward me,

And let me a strawberry kiss,

And before I knew,

You simply were staring back at the stream.

I took hold of the rock,

And silence grabs my hand,

The stone was dripping of blood,

Along with my arms shirt,

Her skull crack, her face half down the grass.

Your eyes open, I took my porcelain doll,

To the place we saw often play,

Today it shall be our secret bed,

So petite, so tiny, my precious!

A couch made of dead flowers,

We both, bodies lay in dried roses,

Evening heavens tainted by shooting stars,

This is a perfect daylight,

The last nocturnal summer curtain,

Her dress made of silk, came out like a glove,

I placed my lips upon her mouth,

To sealed our cold alliance,

“We”, now shall be for eternity one!

Two bodies naked, the love we shall never made,

Shall be the most striking.

My goddess slowly turning to marble,

I press my warm flesh upon the stone,

Blue turn your lips seem to spell the right verse,

But mortis stiff have other strategies,

I can see my reflection in the glazing of your purple eyes,

Night have already falls,

And I remember the promise you asked me,

I discharge the small amount of clothes on me,

Dispose them in the fury of the water,

Bend over to pick up my delicate doll,

And both naked, glue together,

My grey torture visions catch the water moonlight,

It is time, whisper three thousands time the second,

To travel to the ocean,

There was a loud splash and tiny noises,

As one, we both drifted under the river bed,

Breathing water, necrophilia lullaby!


Author's Notes/Comments: 

i don`t think u know what pain is yet.....