I taste blood in the air or maybe it’s just fear.
I smell death everywhere or maybe it’s just fear.
I see darkness getting near or maybe it’s just fear.
I feel the coldness already here or maybe it’s just fear.
I hear nothing but silence and I'm scared or maybe it’s just fear.

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The Bull And The Little Girl

I See

There was a little girl
Who lived on a farm
She loved to play in the pasture

But everyone told her
You cannot play in the pasture
There is a bull in there.

She thought a bull, but why would he hurt me?
Im not big enough to do anything to him
They told her also, do not wear red

She wondered why? what did red do to a bull
It was big and strong
So she forgot about the pasture and red.

Then one day she just walked in the pasture
Not watching or looking where she was going
Then she saw a bull running at her.

She thought so this is the bad bull
She didn't move, didn't cry, had no fear
The bull kept coming, but then

The bull saw this tiny thing
It was not running or crying, it had no fear
What to do? He couldn't harm a tiny thing

He stopped, looked her over
As she did him
The bull went up to her and looked her in the eye.

She did not move, no tears, no fears
Why he wondered?
i am big she is supposed to fear me.

So he turned away to see what she would do
When he looked back
She had turned away from him to.

So he walked away from her
Left her there
When he looked back, she had walked away from him.

He turned around and came back
She stood there and watched
Then she came back

He didn't know what to do
So he ran as fast as he could go
He looked back, she was running to.

He liked her, he wanted to play
He looked at her again
She thought the same thing. She wanted to play.

He came and stood in front of her
Looked her in the eye, she did the same
Then she took his head and kissed him.

He stood there and she was grinning
It looked like he was to
She got on her toes and whispered in his ear.

Guess what, I want to be your friend, to
He nodded his head
Then she looked around and said, ok friend

He turned to go
Just to see what she would do, he shook his tail at her
He looked back, She was shaking her tail at him.

He turned to go again
Looked back and let a big one out
She looked at him and laughed. Then she said you stink.

He came back and stood in front of her
He didn't want to leave
She let one and said Oh No, I farted.

Then she looked around and said
Oh No, Im not supposed to say that
But I farted, and she laughed.

The bull looked at her and thought
For one so tiny, she stinks
Then he thought, she farted. He felt like laughing.

From then on, every day
You would see the bull and the girl
Always playing together.

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The day soon may come
When darkness overtakes the sun
My world will come crashing down
With friends and enemies all around
Only two will have to die
Me and the other guy

For me a new start will unfold
While his future is put on hold
It's the consequence we'll have to take
Leaving old friends in our wake

We have one chance to stay alive
Everyone will have to lie
No one may know what happened there
In that late summer air
Those who know won't forget what was done
But that's okay 'cause I'm still looking at the sun.

Halloween Fright

Yea every niqqa has a cloak // dats better left unprovoked // it hides in a disguise // while it spies and decides // quick with the eyes // it slowly personifies // as it cannibalize everything dats sane inside // so u can't hypothesize what it characterized // just be prepare to lose your hair as you will scream in despair // I tell you now don't be scared as it only comes out once a year // some say he's all about trickery but it prefers the term chicanery // an art of delight dat it has perfect // u give it a treat or you'll get decked // it doesn't matter which u select // cuz either or it will reject // it just wants to laugh before it rest // it wants this day to be da best // it says trick or treat ? but in it's eyes it wants a feast // a diabetic candy beast // a shadow of the night // dat masterful fright // I pray for all on this Halloween night...


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Silly Poems

Waiting for my toast to pop.
Waiting for my toast to pop.
Waiting for my toast to pop.
I know it’s coming.
I know it’s going to pop up soon.

This is taking forever.
Maybe I’ll just get my plate and knife out a while.
Do I want butter or jam?

Okay, I have everything.

Still no toast yet.

How long is this going to-

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Because you all know you feel the same way.

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Look Here


Do you feel

The way my heart

Is slamming in my chest

Pounding harder and harder

Not a moments rest


Do you see

The look in my eyes

That’s pain my dear

Something else too

I’m scared hears my fear


I don’t feel

Like you know I’m there

I feel your gaze, it passes

Right through my skull

Add one to my slashes


I don’t see

You showing me – anything

My heartache worsens

I know I hold you naught

But your hold begins to loosen



Written on

June 20, 2007

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one was written to Paul. during one of our arguments.

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why should i let you keep me as a toy,

when you aren't the person you were before?

when my life changed,

i became someone new,

just like you,

i changed my ways and told my Lord that i will always be faithful,

and the stars i saw,

looked different then before,

the constellations became clear,

and the meanings simple,

but the sky, beautiful as it was,

seemed to drop into the Earth with a sadder feel,

just like me.

the clear skies bring my thoughts to you,

and i dont smile anymore.

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