A Metaphor on Donald Trump (January day 20)

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Written 1/20/21

Things people say

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Politics 2020

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The current political climate in the United States is something to be fearful for, especially if you know your history. 

a menpleaser's paradise

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Reedited/reupdated on 07.25.2020


I've simply added the following hashtags to denote its possible theme(s):  allyship, alliances, alliance, allies, ally, dystopia

Cold Rage

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There's a cold rage building in the dead. 

imPeaching a Pumpkin

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Finally found someone deserving of a rhyme for 'orange' [4th stanza].

—'Tis More Fun Using

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Reedited 12.04.2019 (some sentence/paragraph emendations which included misspelling corrections & misidentified/misused words); 11.23.2019 (I have supplanted the previous commentary emendation); 09.04.2019:


that spur, was seemingly a corresponding familiar song (i.e., either something out of a Carpenter's song or its title), I simply then came to the conclusion that it was indeed an American/English idiomatic expression that relates to its real connotation (the expression, versus the Carpenter song title—contrastingly—where it was actually derived from, & whose real lexical meaning was what I also have meant to relay).  But not to outright convey the distinctively intended (versus an oblique intention) meaning.  Thank you for reading on.



Reasons Californians Should Vote Out Feinstein

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Mini-Beast of the East

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you've had the star wars programme, this is the ice wars programme

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