I am a whisper of tears

can you hear me 

i am the whisper of tears

the nothing

floating in a sea

one two three 

dont blink 

dont blink

 covered in a flood 

stumble stumble fall

get up 

wake up 

the reality 

nothing is as it seems

sinking sinking melting away 

in shame 

in pain 

its only a game 

its only a game 

dont blink 

try not to sink 

its lame 

we all play this game 

this simple game of deciet 




till there is defeat 

shaking in misery 

laying there still breathing 

white flag raised 

no dont give up 

sew together the seem 

make it new 

blank sheet 

go again start fresh 


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Reminiscing my worthless soul

As a child my past haunts me still, but worst yet it makes me want to kill.  I hear I do, I hear I might, but all I feel is a flight of fright. Child lays still, the shadows gives me chills. The floor is cold before I’m sold, reminiscing the last words I was told, there is no one to help your worthless soul.  The first day to this day I’m shattered inside for that day everything died.    

 Written by   Rob Casteel

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The long road

my feet are tired my knees are weak this road is long but i have someone to meet far from her is what i am thow this road im on is long for shure it winds and its all up hill oh what a human will do for a thrill to be loved by the one that knows you well youd gladly make your way threw the gates of hell but i am weak as this road is long my knees are tired i can no longer go on love slowly kills all.

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