Every once in a while, out of the blue,

as you sit quietly in a dark room

a cold shiver crawls up your spine

as if a centipede were wrapped around it.

The air seems laced with electricity,

and each creak yields a shriek.

The fine hairs on the nape of your neck

and arms stand at attention.

They hold vigil on top of your goose bumps,

seeking high ground from the flood on your skin.

Your heart begins to thump wildly.

and you can feel the pulse in your ears.

Your eyes widen and your pupils dilate.

Time, for a second, ceases to exist.

Like a deer in the road, you freeze up.

But where is the danger?

There’s no one else in the room

and all is dead silent.

Despite all your years of rejecting

the paranormal or supernatural,

this one moment pushes all logic aside.

You wonder if some, thing, sits in

the dark, watching intently.

No, don’t be childish, you tell yourself.

And yet, you can’t shake that chill, can you?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just a slightly creepy write for a horror fan like myself.

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