A part of history!

A part of history!
eyes wide open and a smile from ear to ear humbled at all I saw
standing inside history today surveying the past in total awe
speechless at all I saw when looking at a past so grisly
unable to speak in this moment in time seeing a part of history
walking thru a part of history I saw many things my eyes wide open`
I cant describe the feeling I got learning about a past so broken
I couldnt speak because to me there were no words to this story
standing inside the past thinking about a part of history
in that place so stained with blood, sweat and tears
all I could think about was those people who were full of fears
not knowing what lies ahead for them in a world of mystery
it made me realize how luck I am to be standing in a part of history


Author's Notes/Comments: 

i wrote this poem when i went to luisianna to visit my brother he took me to a plantation (the hunan house plantation) i literaly couldnt speak because it was so much to take in, with all i saw came the realization that my life is a breeze compared to some it humbled me to speechless to say the least hope you like it

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