*Ode To A Big Tall Colorful Tree*


 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


A big tall colorful tree

Just standing in a pool of color

For all to see


One by one

Colorful leaves start to slowly fall

And have their final rest

On the ground

The lay silently without a sound

Until kids come by to have a ball

With all the awesome leaves

That they have found

In their minds they still can't believe

On how beautiful big and round the tree stands


The kids make big piles

And jump in the leaves laughing

Throwing them in the air

On their backs now relaxing without a care

As the leaves fall back down

Brushing against their face

All these came from a tree with bark so brown

Waving its branches at its own pace


This tree has big strong arms

When you step back with amazement 

Or swinging on that handmade swing

Your heartbeat is racing with alarm

While listening to the birds sing

You capture the joyment

The tree has to give

It may be old 

But this tree still has long to live


A couple sits down

By the big tall colorful tree

Everyone in town

Sees the beauty of what may be 

The lives that it has seen

From a childs life to becoming an adult

Just imagen the tree came from a nut


The couple sits

And just stares peacefully

Relaxing a long side the tree


As years past

This big tall colorful tree

People are amazed on what they see

Hopeing and wishing that this tree will last

As beautiful as it may be 




Eden Food: A Fruitarian Litany

Mother Earth







Eden Food: A Fruitarian Litany

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 The fruits nuts and seeds of trees and vines are


the most nonviolent to humans, animals and plants
the healthiest
the highest food yielding
the most reforesting
the most free
the closest in content to pure light
the most energy conserving
the most perfectly packaged
the most oxygen creating
the most rain invoking
the most animal habitat providing
the most brain developing
the best weight loss diet
the least hazardous to harvesters
the most fire preventing
the most crime preventing


the most purely filtered
the most varied with many thousand times
  the choice of other diets
the most global weather stabilizing
the most addiction breaking
the most toxin bounding
the most natural fiber containing
the most natural antidepressant
the most beautiful and colorful
the most fragrant
the most timesaving
the least stressful to landfills
the only food containing the seeds
  of immortality


Fruits, nuts, and seeds are the only foods not requiring killing or




What about fruit as the highest yielding food.  An acre of ground in West Texas yields an average 100 pounds of cadaver meat or a maximum 1000 pounds in more fertile areas. Centenarian apple trees, said Dr Faust, former head of the USDA fruit labs, can drop 2 tons each of food or 450,000 pounds an acre.




Why is fruit best for brain function?  Dr Linus Pauling, only person to win 2 Nobel prizes, one in neural biochemistry and 1 for peace, wrote that the neural transmitters resemble most the molecules of fruit.  He wrote about vitamin C's function in speeding up the transmission of signals across the brain synapses.  Animal fat clogs the cerebral arteries. The single biggest cause of Alzheimer's is the homocysteine in meat and fish.




Why is fruit best for weight loss? A Harvard study by Mervyn Hardinge MD before he left the meat invested university found in isocaloric trials that after 3 months of receiving the same number of calories daily, nonvegetarians weighed the most, with vegetarians 11 pounds less and vegans 23 lbs. less. Fruitarians investigated weighed less than the other 3 groups.




Why is fruit healthiest?  Vegetarians vegans and fruitarians receive life insurance discounts because of longer life span. According to the there are on Oct 4, 2014, 7,197,000,000 people on earth.  The death rate is 62 per 1000 annually. Of that number


over half are caused by meat, fish and dairy products. Some causes include heart disease, many cancers, strokes, embolisms, food poisoning, kidney dysfunction, crippling arthritis etc.






Why is fruit the most purely filtered?  Because the roots, trunk, stems, and twigs filter out pollutants.




Why is fruit best for crime prevention?  The adrenaline secreted by terrified and angry animals before and during slaughter saturates their flesh. Only some of the links of the adrenaline hormone are broken.  The consumption of drenaline residue in animal and fish flesh is correlated to violence.




How does fruit invoke rain?  Bayard Webster of the NY Times wrote that the average tree evaporates 40 some gallons of moisture daily which becomes mist, then clouds and finally rain.




How does fruit prevent fires?  It need not be cooked.  In addition,  the cooking of animal flesh generates grease fires from residue on kitchen walls, as well as barbecue fires.


Explain fruit as the toxin bouncer.  No meat, fish or dairy have vitamin C which expels toxins from the body.  Fruit has more vitamin C than vegetables.  Vitamin C is killed by cooking heat.




How does fruit break addictions? Meat and fish contain uric acid, a poison which would have been eliminated from their bodies had they not been killed. Uric acid or trioxypurine is stronger and more addictive than caffeine or dioxypurine. 




How is fruit the most fragrant?  Compare an apple orchard with spring blossoms to a slaughterhouse next door, full of blood, feces, urine, and oil on the floor.


How is fruit the most free food?  For hundreds of millions around the world, the seed of a fruit, planted, becomes a tree which after several years drops free food.




How does fruit cause the least accidents?  A slaughterhouse is a dangerous place to work. Workers slip on the blood and feces, get kicked by terrorized animals fighting for their lives, contract carpal tunnel and other problems from working in the cold etc while machine harvesters for field crops involve millions of deaths and countless injuries annually.




How is fruit closest to light?  Mammal flesh, then bird, then fish flesh are the densest foods humans eat.  Take a crosssection of lime and put it in front of the sun to see light streaming through it.  Fruit has the highest frequency,  meat the lowest.  Fruit is literally woven light.




Why say that only fruits, nuts and seeds come without killing or stealing?  For meat,  mammals and birds are murdered. For fish, the innocent creatures are suffocated, or dropped alive into boiling water.  Plant sentience or feeling has been proven in a number of laboratory studies and recorded in the book Secret Life of Plants.  Dairy products and eggs come from the slavery of cows, goats, chickens.




Fruitarians for part or all of their lives
include Rama, Dick Gregory, Steve Jobs,
Leonardo Da Vinci and countless women
 about Dr Graham




almond milks. sesame spreads . banana mango smoothies . pecan pies sweetened with date sugar .chili non carne (no flesh) . hummus  . succotash (corn, peas, lima beans or other). guacamole  (tomato and avocado)  lentil burgers.  bean soups. coconut ice creams



-saiom shriver-




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