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Futility in motion

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Antidote - March 24, 2012

Chapter One
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Inside My head

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I'm feeling very alone. But all my friends at school don't seem to see that a new kid who's a senior might be feeling like he doesn't belong. At my old school it was different. I could hug all my friends, and feel the comfort of friendship physically. But at my new school, it's too hard, and all the wrong people want my hug. Maybe I'm just too focused on myself. How do I lose myself in service to others? How to I be happy by making you happy?


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Comments/Thoughts appreciated.

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This is for all the friends I've lost contact with. Some nights, I wish I had you to talk to again...
I know I'll never be truly alone, but I hate losing contact with friends I love.

This isn't pretty, it just needed to come out. I hope it resonates with other viewers in some way.
Thanks for reading....

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