Fortunate to be Unfortunate

How unfortunate is it that i dream of doing something big

Unfortunate to want to enjoy the beauty of the world

Unfortunate to want to befriend with complete stranger who could make you feel welcome in an unknown world

unfortunate enough to want to live the life of others

Envy, jealousy, discourage, denial, unhappy, laziness, cowardness

Are all types of emotions running through my veins.

It's unfortunate to know I have tried so many time to change

And failed each time.

It is fortunate to know I never really gave up, 

I just haven't find the right path, the right technique, the right ambition.

To teach myself how to love my life for what it is and maybe dream for something even bigger then I poor little mind 

Has ever wish to own. 

One step at a time, I'm becoming...me.








the sad wimpish one 


he covers his body with blood


hoping someone will notice


just how ugly he is



he wants to be noticed


for the great person he truly is


but has no time to notice


that no one notices


anything anymore



and life goes on


and he stays sad


dying to live


and crying to die



never having the balls


to ask himself why



2:39 AM 7/6/2013




Author's Notes/Comments: 

inspired by the signs of the times, and those who are having a hard time enjoying life on life's terms.