all for nothing

i'm amazed that

preparations lasting 2 years

planning spanning months

the tears shed at times faced with stern rules for engagement

the hopes and aspirations

were all for nothing


the millions invested

for the fare and food

for the house and furniture

for the lawyers and applications

for the taxis and transcripts

and o for the bed

were all for nothing


the dream of advancing my career

almost there alas never there

the hope of being someone

a mother to daughters

were they all for nothing?


i had your promise

of love and support

i lost your support and how

a simple conversation in a bar

upturned years of planning

all was for nothing


i thought i had a rock in you

now i know better

unstable as the sea

a challenge from an inconsequential

paused the dreams of my sons

my pride is gone

let me now return as i am

a shame a disgrace

what face to show

the world i left with the promise to return better

alas head between my feet i meet

all was  for nothing


i leave you to tell our sons

why dad'spromise is broken

and their hopes dashed

all was for nothing


had i known i would have stayed

perhaps would have saved me from this shame

a backward step

the 13th to the 21st

all was in deed for nothing






Author's Notes/Comments: 

obioma laura usonwu nnakwe


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the sad wimpish one 


he covers his body with blood


hoping someone will notice


just how ugly he is



he wants to be noticed


for the great person he truly is


but has no time to notice


that no one notices


anything anymore



and life goes on


and he stays sad


dying to live


and crying to die



never having the balls


to ask himself why



2:39 AM 7/6/2013




Author's Notes/Comments: 

inspired by the signs of the times, and those who are having a hard time enjoying life on life's terms.