smile and pose

and pose and smile

in your bathroom

at your computer

in your car

with friends

with strangers

or alone

smile and pose

and pose and smile



get likes

feel important


share some random cause

to show you stand for something

hashtag it

never gonna act on it

but pat yourself on the back

you deserve it

because you feel good about yourself

smile and pose

and pose and smile

in your bathroom

at your computer

in your car

with friends

with strangers

or alone

smile and pose

and pose and smile



get right swipes

feed your ego


comment on the latest tragedy

"thoughts and prayers"

hashtag it

then forget about it

but pat yourself on the back

you deserve it

because you feel good about yourself

so smile and pose

and pose and smile

so smile and pose

and pose and smile

you are the most important you that you know







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How Do I Celebrate Valentine's Day?


Can’t there be a holiday for the lonely people?


People walking around in a daze


Makeup running down their cheeks


Reflecting on the one who slipped through their needy fingers


Or cursing their solitude


Wishing no one would have to share their quiet worthlessness




Instead we pile teddy bears onto shelves like shitty food onto cafeteria trays


We cram chocolate into heart shaped boxes


Packed tightly, claustrophobic


Like the air tight monogamy of a committed relationship


We buy women expensive lingerie


Only to tear it off the minute it’s in front of us


We buy overpriced cards so Hallmark


Can tell our partner how we really feel


And we do it all in the name of love,


Or at least whatever we’re calling the social contract conjoining two people


Who enjoy talking to each other almost as much as fucking


I want a national regrets day


Just some sort of terrible liquor on clearance


And a note pad where everyone can write down their mistakes


Could I finally make my friends jealous as they awe at my expansive scroll?


And what about slutty people?


Where is their holiday? (If we’re not counting Halloween)


Divorced, widowed?


I think they deserve a holiday as well.


Some people have good reason to avoid relationships


Perhaps they had the romance of the century


Until an untimely death or illness


Maybe he turned out to be a cheater


Maybe she turned out to be a he


But alas,


I get on with my point,


Valentine’s Day isn’t the celebration of real love


It’s the annual cornballathon ode to our obsessed, idealistic vision of it


Love is powerful and incredible


But it’s also brutal and gross


It has sharp elbows not found on a cuddly teddy bear


And when you celebrate love


You’re also celebrating jealousy, revenge and despair


It may be too darn starry- eyed for one to suggest we stop pretending love is anything you’d be able buy in a store


But my non- conformist, abominably angst ridden heart is unrelenting in its pursuit


Start enjoying what we really are


Not what the commercials say we should be


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*Just Disappear*



 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


I wish you would just disappear

From my life

And never come back never reappear

I dont care how you go 

Use a pill or even a knife


Give me my freedom

Let me learn wrong from right 

Give me a chance

To make my own mistakes 

I really don't want to fight

Be real stop being fake

How dare you kick me out 

With just a shirt and pants

With all your yelling

There's no need to shout 


I hate your attitude

I hate the way you treat me 

I hate when you change your mood

Why can't you see

Your always rude

Just let me free


You look stupid the way you stand 

All tough and Mr. big shot

You think your the boss the man

But your ugly

Your head steamin your attitude hot 


Let me do what I want to do 

To go where I want to go 

To get away from you 

To see people you don't know 


Do me a favor

Just disappear

I don't care go away

With a stupid razor

It's your face I don't want to see

And your voice I never again want to hear

Just let me free

Don't give me that stupid stare


Let me be me 

You made my life rough

The world let me explore 

Why can't you see

I had enough

I don't want your attitude anymore 




Author's Notes/Comments: 

I was mad when I wrote this. Alot was going on. I don't feel this way any more.

Spirit Whale


From nothing there came to be a whale made of light at my open palm. The furthest tip of his great, glowing fin followed the shaky rising and falling of my forearm. I stood, poised in some absurd pose; my free hand dangling at level with my thigh. For a moment, thought eluded me.



He was disinterested in moving, though he whined all the same. A sound bellowed from him that was like a thousand trains braking simultaneously. It washed over me, and my hearing failed. My vision blurred but my legs retained their strength. I closed my eyes.



Releasing all the breath I had been holding back these last moments; I sighed and pulled my arm from the air. Before my first backward step touched down I was blasted by a sudden and massive gust of air. As I tumbled down, I caught brief sight of the whale's back end – his fin rising and falling with an unexpected and vibrant ferocity.



I twisted my body as best I could while airborne and landed with a jarring thud on the grass, rolling side-over-side before settling gracelessly in a fetal position at the base of the hill. Pain flared in my chest and upper back, and I waited for the air to return to my lungs. The ground shook and quaked beneath me. From over the crest of the hill I could see a wavering blue light, fading slowly with each passing moment. The whale gave its shrill cry, but its distance gave it a shimmering, almost ethereal quality.






I coughed, throat both dry and hoarse. No serious pain. I could walk, I was sure of it. So I tried.


I lifted my right arm and planted my hand on the ground, pressing into my knee and forcing my body upright. Each exertion brought additional aches, but none of them felt debilitating. Once at my feet, I began a slow, trudging march up the sloping hillside. Its peak overlooked a small canyon; thin at its middle but stretching for miles in both directions. The floor of this canyon was riddled with the bones of wayward men and wandering creatures.



On the other side of this treacherous rift in the land, there stood an altar to a legendary dark lord. Though said to only be a fairly tale, some believe the dark lord once existed, and that his spirit will still commune with worthy disciples. Some, like the nefarious priest Izak'Yami, even wished to summon the spirit and give him physical form, so that he may rule over the planet – and so that darkness may reign over light, forever. He was said to be crazy, and was cast out of his village for preaching the word of his blasphemous deity.



In front of the altar, Izak'Yami chanted with the whites of his eyes flaring from beneath his ceremonial hood. A ring of swirling gray clouds had formed over the chiseled obelisk as the haggard priest threw his hands towards the sky, uttering words unknown to humankind, save for Izak'Yami himself. Thunder rolled from the halo of storm clouds growing fatter and blacker over his head.



All seemed lost.



Each clumsy step I made shook my vision as I clambered towards the cliff's edge. I felt tired, hungry, empty; running on fumes and absentminded determination to see what would transpire across the canyon way. A silky, singsong voice unfolded in my head and spoke;


“Fear not, Ken. This is what I was meant to do. This is the only thing I can do.”



I felt tears sting my eyes, and I replied, my thoughts quickly spilling into frantic words;



“Spirit Whale, NO! You don't have to do this! We can find you something else! I know we can!” I cried out to him, feeling his presence shrinking away. I tried to increase my pace, but my body was giving in to exhaustion. If I pushed myself too hard, my legs might give out – leaving me stranded to helplessly look on as the world became ruled by shadows. Forever.



“There's nothing else, Ken – let's not kid each other. I've looked and looked; online, in person, even dialing random numbers from the yellow pages like some kind of stalker with short-term memory loss. I'm a Spirit Whale, Ken. I don't even have any hands.”



I felt the corners of my mouth draw down. I tried to sound concerned instead of annoyed;



“You didn't even contact the lady from that temp. office I told you about last month! She got me my job at the office, and you didn't even call her! YOU DIDN'T CALL HER, SPIRIT WHALE!”



I sobbed and snorted, at last coming level with the crest of the hill. Far into the distance I spotted a flickering blue light, gliding at high speed as its massive tail fin rose and fell in steady, glacial sweeps. I heard the echo of its cry bounding against the cliff sides that spanned between us.



Its husky and thunderous voice exploded into my thoughts;



“I DON'T HAVE ANY GOD DAMN HANDS, KEEEEEN. WHAT WOULD THEY NEED ME FOR AT AN OFFICE, KEEEEEEEEN? KEEEEEEEEEEEEEE....” The droning of the Spirit Whale's inner voice was like a loose propeller blade in my skull. I gritted my teeth and squinted against its simpering excuses as it rushed to meet the horizon, valiantly seeking to prevent eternal suffering for all of mankind. Forever.



A great and poisonous storm was gathering in the sky over the dark lord's altar. Even at my distance, I could see it growing and undulating and piling over top of itself. If Spirit Whale could not carry himself to the dark lord's altar in time, all would be lost.


All would be lost. Forever.



“Is that why, Spirit Whale? Is that why you NEVER did anything in return for all the time I let you stay in my tub? I STUCK UP FOR YOU! When Claire tried to get me to kick you out, I said 'Hell no!' I said it for you, Spirit Whale! I SAID IT FOR YOU!”



A column of white light erupted from the ground at the base of the altar.



Faintly, I could hear a frightening sound, steadily growing in volume. It grew to a terrifying clatter as the ground beneath me rumbled and pulsed violently. A shockwave of force passed over and through me, flattening my damaged body and pressing me into the shifting, gurgling dirt below. I felt the flesh on my cheeks ripple comically, as if I had been sat in front of a giant fan and strapped to a folding chair. My eyelids seemed to flutter with each wave of pressure.






I saw the sky in uproar over me. Colors ran through it like living segments of a rainbow, straying away from their formation. Lights of every perceivable color flared and dimmed spontaneously, while entire sections of the stratosphere erupted into intricate, swirling patterns that upon second glance were not actually patterns at all. There seemed to be a million new forms of life interacting with each other between earth and heaven, and now they danced as if celebrating their liberation from whatever had concealed them.



But I could not marvel, for my thoughts stayed with the Spirit Whale, as he made his noble bid for man's continued survival.






The ground ceased its shuddering. I my felt torso inflating with a hundred bruised and inflamed muscles. My face was wet with tears and smeared with uprooted dirt.



A strange warmth settled over me like an invisible blanket. I forced my eyes to open and saw the chaos unfolding just over my sprawled frame. The streaking colors bled and left swathes of themselves behind, the lights grew chaotic and searing in their brightness, and the mystifying shapes shattered apart, throwing pointed shards in all directions. I felt a sweeping sense of awe instill itself in me. My eyes grew wide, glossy, and unfocused.



Through my trance-like state, I heard Spirit Whale call out in his final moments;



“KEEEEEEEEN. ALL THIS TIME TOGETHER – ALL THE ADVENTURES WE WENT ON AS A DUO... I THOUGHT YOU WOULD LEARN TO UNDERSTAND, KEEEEEEEEEN...” The Spirit Whale cried forlornly. His inner voice was growing softer – it seemed to swirl inside of my consciousness, as if trying desperately to grab hold somewhere. I shook my head from left to right.



“What, Spirit Whale? What did you think I would understand!?”



I felt his presence in my mind weaken and dim; heard his hoarse inner breathing, and was given pause, wondering why he would need to br-






A bubble of light and warmth broke inside of me, flooding from my gut into my extremities. I let the last of my tears drip from the corners of my eyes. I sighed dejectedly, feeling stale dirt exit from my nostrils. With what remained of my strength, I cried out to my oldest companion and friend;






Through my fading vision I could see the sky becoming clear and returning to its typical, boring shade of blue. There were no clouds to block my ailing view of it.



Darkness had been quashed by the Spirit Whale, who cried out, as he faded into oblivion;







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sick woman

for how long did you 


actually believe you 


were pulling the wool 


over their eyes?


pretending to be me,


the lies, the betrayal to me,


playing, pretending to


care. you are sick.


i pity you. please 


do not ever speak to 


me again.



5:43 AM 7/7/2013 ©



Making a Bruise on My Foot

Things Gone Wrong


It started when I was

sitting on the toilet.


I had finished using it,

so I stood up.


Although I pulled up

my underwear,

I wanted to

change my shorts.


So, I decided not to

pull up my shorts,

nor to pull them down,

for some strange reason.


I got up,

and since I

couldn't walk right,

with my shorts around my ankles.


I waddled,

yes, waddled,

towards the doorway

of the bathroom.




here is where

I call for your attention.


I waddled,

yes, waddled,

towards the door,

so I could go change my shorts!


I reach the bathroom door,

which is open all the way,

and my foot is extended,

as I am getting ready

to move onto my left foot.


My right foot

slides under the door,

my pinky toe not making it under.


The pinky toe stretched,

or something like that,

and threw me into

horrible pain.


My toe,

my toe,

or was it my foot?!


I had no clue,

just that it hurt!


Author's Notes/Comments: 

True "story"!!! This is my clumbsy self!! I hope you like it, let me know!!

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Antidote - March 24, 2012

Chapter One

I'm sorry about my burden, how I'm so wrong,

And how I'm so stupid with all that I do.

I'm sorry about the way I am, I dont belong.

I'm sorry that I never at all deserved you.


But you can't see this part of me I'm hiding,

That's so crudely hidden under what you see?

I'm sick of crying, and I can't keep on trying,

Without you I'm worthless, you are so free.


You're my antidote that gets me past every day,

You're the one to always save me from my agony.

I wish I could show you I can't live this way.

I wish I could show you my sorrowful blasphemy.


The infectious pain quickly tears me apart,

And shatters my will within a few words.

I feel so helpless, I wish I could restart,

And go back to when I wasn't such a coward.


You're my lost antidote, come cure this poisoning;

Come reverse me, turn me to my former being.

Please stay forever and keep me from maddening,

And keep me from the edge, stop the bleeding.

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The Search

Encouraging words bringing swealtering sighs.
Redeeming a seemingly whirlwind of lies,
Smothering sorrows, apologies nigh,
Never a sound, just a hush and goodbye.

Frantically burroughed inside of a hole,
Waiting for yesterday's dreams to unfold,
Clinging to madness insearch of a clue,
Deliverance calls, but it never finds you.

You watch eons of souls,
Clad in vessels of flesh,
Wandering aimlessly,
Absorbed in a mesh,
Of destruction,
Til spiderwebs give birth again,
More juries, more stories,
More blunders to bend.

Somewhere beyond this distortion of truth,
And the masks proudly worn,
Yet perverse, and uncouth,
There's a billowing fury
Of untold reprise,
Like a star in the daylight,
Obscured by the skies.

Invoking it's essence,
Your lessons appear,
You discover your life,
And it's perfectly clear,
That the quiet sole voice,
In the silence you scorned,
Was your own lie,
Your own truth,
Denied and adorned.


 2013 ©

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Sonnet for a misguided detective.

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Hello, Random Imaginary Person


Hi random imaginary person! What did you say? I can't hear you.....Oh, you said Cheeseburger lemon-aid? Ok, that's cool. I got ya! Remember to flush the toilet when your done curling your hair. Please and thanks. Oh and also, don't forget to run the bath water and put tissues in it. Thanks again. Have a good apple! Bye!

Hello Imaginary person. It's me again. How's life? Sexy? I see. I understand that you like pigeons. I think they are gross and silly. Say what? You're under the sink? Why is that? Oh, you found some peaches? Give me some! Thanks! I like blankets. Do you? No? That's too bad because blankets are like Jesus. Imaginary person, what is your name? You never told me! What's that? You're speaking too soft, say it louder. Ooohh I see. Your name is Freddy. Come again? Say what? Oh ok,You said you are going to go to go camping at the morgue. That sounds fun! When are you going? At 13 o'clock? Damn that's late. I hope you have fun. When are you going to put that picture of you and the lamp on facebook? Tomorrow, at doggie time? Ok. I've been waiting for you to do that. Yeah? What's that? You're leaving? Awe man! I'm going to be so bored when you are gone! Alright then. Talk to you later. Have fun at I Hop! I'm just going to sit here and wait for something to happen....

Author's Notes/Comments: