A Work Of Art

It's remarkable, the strength of a woman.
It's unbelievable, the courage of a woman.
You can't deny the power of a woman..
And it's suffocating, the love of a woman.

Beautiful, sophisticated, mysterious.. a woman is a work of art.
And even when faced with adversities while pursuing her desires, a woman remains as tough as steel.
You can try, but you could never change what's inside a woman's heart,
Cause when a woman loves, she loves for real.

Every man needs a woman by his side,
And every woman deserves to be treated like a queen.
They say life is a beautiful ride, so who better to enjoy it with than a beautiful bride?
In the end, a loyal woman deserves it all..
So if a woman decides to give you her all with no empty promises in between, don't let her fall.

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The Friendzone

You tell me, I'm the greatest friend you've ever had..
And I'm forced to smile and pretend friends is all i wanna be.
So many times I've fought back the urge to scream, "girl, i want you so bad.."
But still, I'm dropping clues daily for you to see that we're meant to be.

We promised "forever" and a day, so you're the one I call on when I'm feeling blue..
Cause life ain't always beautiful and sometimes things gets rough.
But tell me, is it okay if I cease this opportunity to kiss you?
Cause we both know forever is never long enough.

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For what they're worth, her kisses take my feet off the earth and every time, it feels like a rebirth.
When our lips touch, the feeling can't be described in phrases,
But you wouldn't understand even if we trade places.

Her beautiful hair, her gorgeous nose, her dazzling eyes, her perfectly crooked ears, her sensitive neck..
I swear i lose my mind around her.
Whenever i see her, everything feels brand new like a movie premiere..
But when we kiss, nothing can compare..
It's like midnight on new year's eve at Times Square.

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My Angel

I could search for a million years, i would still never find the correct words.
And the one thing i fear the most is that my true feelings will never be heard by you
You'll never know how much i care and how much your love means to me

I could walk all around the world, and i still would never find the words because the feeling i feel inside my heart is a feeling that has never been felt
I'm so deep in love, it's never been so hard to say the way i feel

I wish i could run away with you, far away to a place where there'll be angels who'll describe to you the way i feel
Feel for you, feel about you
I'd pick a Sunday to run away with you
Because the angels would totally be there at the disposal of you and me
The reason i need the angels to talk to you for me is that you're an angel yourself.. my angel
So maybe you'll understand the angels when they tell you how i feel

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Defining Love

I often hear about love at first sight..
Some people like to believe it's the only kind of love that will forever last.
But isn't becoming infatuated with someone at eye contact like handing your soul to the devil without a signed contract?

I don't know much about love,
But at some point everybody gets that one feeling that they can't get rid of.
All it takes is one person to make you feel fragile,
And like Sean Kingston said, a beautiful girl could have you suicidal.

I remember that night, when she caught my attention spontaneously..
She had the ability to excite and give me stage fright simultaneously.
I thought if i approached her and played my cards right, maybe she'll be mine..
Or at least i might stay on her mind overnight, but i figured she was probably too smart to fall for my punch line.

You can say she had my mind gone from the start and a simple "hello" from her would've been the correct cure.
Or maybe she'll resent me and that'd be too much pain for the heart,
But i won't stop trying until i put together the perfect picture,
Where it's just me and her.

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Savoir Save Me!
Please don’t let me fall
Any more
Broken, dying on the floor
I need you God!
Keep me from killing myself!
It’s all my fault
Six years of death every day
My conscience is seared
Just to white wash my tomb
I forget how to feel
Are you still here?
This is all my fault
I’m the only one to blame
How do I get back in your arms again?
How can I be strength to another
When I am so weak?
How can I hold someone up
When I’m sliding
Help me…..

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What Can I Say?

My Love

What can I say to her?
How do I explain?
This feeling I equate with love inside
So strong it causes pain?

Pain to see her fall all day
Pain to see her cry
Pain to know she walks the road
Which leads people to die?

Pain to know she can do better
Pain to dry her tears
Pain to fortify her soul
For countless, endless years?

Pain, I wish I could help
Pain, I want to kill your fears
Pain, I want the best for you
To turn sorrow into cheers.

But what can I say to her?
How do I explain?
This feeling I equate with love inside
So strong it causes pain?

How do I make her feel?
How to save her from herself?
I try but she’s not listening
So I continue to give myself.

Yet what can I say to her?
How can I explain?
This feeling, I know it’s love inside
So strong it causes pain?

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All I feel is pain now I can’t feel anymore
I’ve been hit with destructive force all feel is my last breathes
Mentally I’m not there I wish the end would come faster
My worlds a disaster I can’t see I’m drowning I can’t seem
To keep my head up taking deep breathes I’m ready to die
I want to fade now it’s like an addiction I’m addicted to pain
I can’t control my own mind conjuring up different ways to die
I can’t seem to find my place in this world
I feel like I’m starving I gave in so the world is proceed killing me
I can’t fight anymore please someone take my pain away


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Falling faster than a grain of sand,
I keep falling down just so I don’t have to go back down again.
I hear what they say
I hear the whispers, the thoughts, all the things in this muddled fade.
And so I fall.
Fall away from all the pain, into greater depths of the crueler pain.
Scream and cry, with nowhere left to hide.
and I think.
Did I have a place to go?
and I think yes.
I had a place for one week.
I belonged in simple harmony
with the pursuit of happiness as my goal
I worked long and hard to pay for that toll
And it was glorious.
But now I am falling
falling to another out crop
That may make my fall come to a short stop
I’ll call out for help, but noone will be there.
and so I’ll hop off of the edge
Hoping just to fatally hit a ledge.
Life wouldn’t be so nice though…
Life wouldn’t let you get away.. even so,
I will keep on falling, from the cruel cold pain.
Until I hit the bottom, and start to climb once again.

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