Falling faster than a grain of sand,
I keep falling down just so I don’t have to go back down again.
I hear what they say
I hear the whispers, the thoughts, all the things in this muddled fade.
And so I fall.
Fall away from all the pain, into greater depths of the crueler pain.
Scream and cry, with nowhere left to hide.
and I think.
Did I have a place to go?
and I think yes.
I had a place for one week.
I belonged in simple harmony
with the pursuit of happiness as my goal
I worked long and hard to pay for that toll
And it was glorious.
But now I am falling
falling to another out crop
That may make my fall come to a short stop
I’ll call out for help, but noone will be there.
and so I’ll hop off of the edge
Hoping just to fatally hit a ledge.
Life wouldn’t be so nice though…
Life wouldn’t let you get away.. even so,
I will keep on falling, from the cruel cold pain.
Until I hit the bottom, and start to climb once again.

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