The Friendzone

You tell me, I'm the greatest friend you've ever had..
And I'm forced to smile and pretend friends is all i wanna be.
So many times I've fought back the urge to scream, "girl, i want you so bad.."
But still, I'm dropping clues daily for you to see that we're meant to be.

We promised "forever" and a day, so you're the one I call on when I'm feeling blue..
Cause life ain't always beautiful and sometimes things gets rough.
But tell me, is it okay if I cease this opportunity to kiss you?
Cause we both know forever is never long enough.

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you should go for it

you should go for it sometimes people hold a mutual crush. if its one thing this website has tought me is to go for what your feeling. if it works out its meant to be and if not you guys can still always be friends