Monthly Archive for January 2014

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
Rain Poem Desperado love lost Jan 25th
Just the way Poem theforgotten 2 Jan 25th
Another Time Poem Sarah98 2 undefined Jan 25th
Seasons Poem schmuckjones 6 Jan 25th
Beauty Is All Around Us Poem LittleLennonGurl Jan 25th
Thoughts Of A Friend Poem LittleLennonGurl Jan 25th
21st century love. Poem henryproud Jan 25th
An Autumn Burning Poem eternalpoet1389 Mysticism, Spirituality Jan 25th
See The Truth Poem LittleLennonGurl Jan 25th
Truth Poem LittleLennonGurl Jan 25th
Never Stop Fighting Poem LittleLennonGurl Jan 25th
Be The Truth Poem LittleLennonGurl Jan 25th
NONE MISSES. Poem Dadio Lesbian, love Jan 25th
To Those Who Dare To Different (I Wish You Luck) Poem LittleLennonGurl 1 Jan 25th
I Am The Girl Poem LittleLennonGurl Jan 25th
At An Air Of Ancient Chammerer Poem Starward Jan 25th
Quicksand Poem nightlight1220 8 # love # relationships # friendship, quicksand Jan 25th
I Am Poem LittleLennonGurl Jan 25th
True love Poem LittleLennonGurl 1 Jan 25th
WHAT'S YOUR HOUSE WORTH? Poem joy Jan 25th
Think Poem jmill1206 Jan 25th
Blamed Poem Moscadini Jan 25th
Rachel Poem ramonathompsont Jan 25th
Sheila Poem ramonathompsont Jan 25th
Dreams for Sale Poem Morningglory 11 Jan 25th
Toni Poem ramonathompsont 1 Jan 25th
Block Poem Sky 1 Stuck, writer, writer's block Jan 25th
OAK BLUFF PLANTATION Poem Sunmaiden Jan 25th
Uadjt Poem ramonathompsont Jan 25th
THE SMUGGLER Poem Sunmaiden Jan 25th
Vanessa Poem ramonathompsont Jan 25th
After the Storm Poem Sabindi 1 #beauty #nature, #inspiration #poetry #expressing #art Jan 25th
Murmuration Alliteration Poem joewillard murmuration Jan 25th
Right Timing To Move On Poem Silver__lining Jan 25th
What'd You Do? Poem Silver__lining Jan 25th
Just Engage No Love Poem Silver__lining Jan 25th
Never Thinking I'd Get Played Poem Silver__lining Jan 25th
Look That Way & Go Poem Silver__lining Jan 25th
A-Train Delay Poem Silver__lining Jan 25th
Receding Into My Shell Poem Silver__lining Jan 25th
I'll Find The Right Time Poem Silver__lining Jan 25th
Is It Heroic? Poem Silver__lining Jan 25th
Forgive my Cliché, Aurah. Prose LovingLovelace 1 Jan 25th
CHILDREN`S GRAVES. Poem MARGOT children'sdeath, death, father grunge, Gothic, killer poet, photo, serial killer, sinnner Jan 26th
THE FOOD OF THE GODS Poem MARGOT 4 Genius, I AM FUCKING PROUD OF THIS, magic, many many many ppls, orgy, sexual fillings, spiritual Jan 26th
HANDSOME BOY Poem palewingedpoetess 4 Jan 26th
FOCAL POINT REVEALED Poem palewingedpoetess Jan 26th
Prey Poem BloodShotLies Jan 26th
God Breaker Poem grimfate Jan 26th
NEEDLES Poem MARGOT 1 love, Pain, pleasure, spleen Jan 26th
*indemnity nil Poem SSmoothie 7 philopshy of love Jan 26th
65th Republic Day Poem bishu Jan 26th
Live For Today (Stop Dwelling On Yesterday) Poem LittleLennonGurl Jan 26th
Superstar Poem amywilkie Jan 26th
You Are You Poem LittleLennonGurl Jan 26th
Never Be Afraid Of Change Poem LittleLennonGurl Jan 26th
house(the things that hide in walls) Poem redpyramid9000 Jan 26th
My Goal For This And Every Year Poem LittleLennonGurl Jan 26th
Neem Twig Poem bishu 2 Jan 26th
lions! tigers! and something that makes money I guess Poem redpyramid9000 Jan 26th
III. Losing Christmas (1/26/14) Poem classicliz #grief #sad #alone #Thinking Jan 26th
HEROES Poem joy Jan 26th
Stay Poem Sarah98 Jan 26th
nowhere near Poem craigyw Jan 26th
MCINTOSH, THE CLAN Poem Sunmaiden Jan 26th
/+/ Hosanna, 1: A Preface Poem Starward Jan 26th
PICKIN' ORANGES Poem Sunmaiden Jan 26th
OUTSIDE MY WINDOW Poem Sunmaiden Jan 26th
Introverted Trip Aboard Poem Thetruhoss Jan 26th
Kosher Poem EvieTravieAllie love, relationship, Young Jan 26th
Too Good To Be True Poem prboggs Some people are liars Jan 26th
Made To Be Broken Poem BrokenAisling #lonely #sad #broken #depressing #problems #mistakes Jan 26th
The Flight of the Nightingale Poem roseblossoms Jan 26th
The Horror of Red Snow Poem BrokenAisling Jan 26th
CAROUSEL Poem Sunmaiden Jan 26th
Wouldn't it be nice Poem Stella 5 Jan 26th
You Poem Stella 3 Jan 26th
I know : Poem Muin 9 Jan 27th
that wise thought... Poem SSmoothie 1 Jan 27th
Tisiphone Poem Mr_Brightside #Aitizaz Hasan #greek mythology #foxes #bubbles #apocalyptic #Hestia #Zeus #Kronos #Delicate #Classical conditioning #Mushroom Cloud #The end of all things Jan 27th
It's hard to move on Poem Daniel-59 1 Jan 27th
Don't Ever Judge a Book By Its Cover Poem mystery7905 1 Jan 27th
Beautiful Mystery Poem mystery7905 1 Jan 27th
Stay With Me Poem daylight Jan 27th
Blessed are those.... Poem Muin 2 Jan 27th
trying to grasp it without the fear of winning. Poem SSmoothie 7 Jan 27th
Advanced Weaponry Poem deepblue 2 Jan 27th
I. Poem deepblue 6 Jan 27th
Stage Performance Poem bishu Jan 27th
POLITICAL ADS Poem joy Jan 27th
I look in the mirror. Poem DesertDreamer Jan 27th
Women-We're People too???? Poem thisisme789 6 Alive, feelings, Humans, not property, People, women Jan 27th
meditation session Poem candzontherun Jan 27th
Dreams Poem nightlight1220 2 Dreaming Jan 27th
27 January 2014 Poem shawon1982 Jan 27th
How Do You Think History Will See Us? Poem LittleLennonGurl 1 Jan 27th
Nurture Versus Nature Poem LittleLennonGurl Jan 27th
Women's Appraisal Poem Anonymous 6 Jan 27th
Its 2014 (Why do We Still Shy Away From Change) Poem LittleLennonGurl Jan 27th
Every Little Thing Has Meaning Poem LittleLennonGurl Jan 27th
Once you draw one you have to hold them Poem Morningglory audience, drawing, performance, POETRY Jan 27th
Lost Poem lovelife123 3 Jan 27th
I HAVE NO TIME TO WASTE Poem Layem 2 Jan 27th
some different blues Poem 9inety 3 Jan 27th
THE PHOENIX. Poem MARGOT 5 a new start, abortion, firght, flying as far as i can, Hate, kill, love, Murder, reborn, Suicide Jan 27th
A Message To The Bullied Poem LittleLennonGurl 2 Jan 27th
The Devil Was't Me Poem ramonathompsont Jan 27th
Prisoner Poem Poemsbyj 2 #anger life Jan 27th Poem MARGOT barbiturates, romantic, sex, sleeping pills, the ebest mlover i love to the end Jan 27th
NOTHING EVER LAST Poem MARGOT 1 cambodia, death is close, humanity is szo futile, or having an orgasm, tomorrow i could be dead, Travelling Jan 27th
Nursery Rhyme Hell Poem thisisme789 4 Jan 27th
I HAVE A FRIEND Poem Layem 1 Jan 27th
THE SKY Poem Layem Jan 27th
Shallow Depth Poem DoloRival Jan 27th
THE SPINSTER Poem Sunmaiden Jan 27th
Attention Whore Poem metaphorist Jan 27th
Less Than a Friend Poem metaphorist Jan 27th
Crying on Sunday Poem metaphorist Jan 27th
Temptation Poem xio1818 1 Sin, temptation Jan 27th
GOODBYE Poem MARGOT 2 THE END!!!! this is it Jan 27th
This Time : Poem Muin 1 Jan 27th
My Funny Mighty GPS Prose humanpulse 3 Jan 27th
Pain Scars Broken Poem poemwriter17 Jan 28th
Brain Poem nightlight1220 2 brain Jan 28th
3 Down Poem RoC 3 Jan 28th
28 January 2014 Poem shawon1982 Jan 28th
questions Poem candzontherun Jan 28th
the truth on relationships Poem candzontherun #stupidcrazy Jan 28th
Truly Yours, If You Want Me or Not Poem Silver__lining Jan 28th
23rd & Sandler Poem Silver__lining Jan 28th
now lets reverse Poem redpyramid9000 Jan 28th
Every Girl I've Loved Poem Silver__lining Jan 28th
That One Guitar Poem Silver__lining Jan 28th
Any Storm, Any Day Poem Silver__lining Jan 28th
"I Don't Know" She'll Reply Poem Silver__lining Jan 28th
Love Ain't Enough Poem Silver__lining Jan 28th
Can't Take My Mind Off of You Poem Silver__lining 2 Jan 28th
I Gotta Take the Time Poem Silver__lining 2 Jan 28th
Life Is Art Poem LittleLennonGurl Jan 28th
Brain Poem bishu Jan 28th
IV. I Know Where You Live (1/27/14) Poem classicliz 1 #Relationships #Anger #Fear #Breakups Jan 28th
Just Let It Go Poem LittleLennonGurl Jan 28th
the joker Poem candzontherun Jan 28th
one day, someday Poem candzontherun Jan 28th
Be You Poem LittleLennonGurl Jan 28th
SOUL MATES Poem joy Jan 28th
Undecided Poem Lamebrain #love #lost #imaginary #secrets #theone Jan 28th
يا والــــدي ماذا أقول فيك Poem asaihati Jan 28th
? Poem thisisme789 Nursery Rhymes Jan 28th
adolescent memories Poem Daniel-59 Jan 28th
I'm The Girl in The Hall Poem thisisme789 4 alone, ignored, invisible, Life, Lonely, unnoticed Jan 28th
This soul certain: Poem Muin 8 Jan 28th
Sent Away Again Poem thisisme789 2 adoption, child, foster care, foster child, foster home, girl, sent away, unwanted Jan 28th
FATAL Attraction Poem 1SP Jan 28th
Comfort in These Arms Poem 1SP Jan 28th
FAREWELL FAREWELL Poem Sunmaiden Jan 28th
Life Dreaming Poem Chadical 4 Jan 28th
A Toast to the Past Poem dare2dream 2 Jan 28th
THE DRUNK Poem Sunmaiden Jan 28th
single dad Poem spiritallover Jan 28th
Purring Poetry Poem Anonymous 2 Jan 28th
Consequences Poem Seraphim Apathy, atlas, broken wings, Cursed, Dark, day, death, Depression, doom, helplessness, Life, light, loss, love, night, Pain, Peace, Redemption, sadness, second chances, Seraphim, time, War Jan 28th
God of Blunder Poem ramonathompsont Jan 28th
Hungry Cat Poem tatel 1 Jan 28th
Harder Poem nightlight1220 1 #perseverance Jan 29th
I Loved You Darling Poem Adam아담 1 Jan 29th
The Past Poem Muin 1 Jan 29th
Facing Temptation Poem trumpet7 Jan 29th
Creeping Shadows Poem ReilaMorello Mindscapes Shadows Ghosts Haunting Memories Jan 29th
Dirge of the Dead and Forgotten Poem ReilaMorello Relationships Loss Tragedy Empty Numb Lost Alone Memories Generations Dead Funerals Drowning Secrets Jan 29th
Built to Last Poem ReilaMorello Loss Love Death Moving On Jan 29th
Better Man Poem timbiondollo 1 Jan 29th
Love Stones Poem timbiondollo Jan 29th
Just a Little After Four A.M. Poem timbiondollo Jan 29th
And 10,000 Miles Left in Question Poem DefineMystic 2 Anxiety, comfort zone, Dark, Darkness, disappear, Fear, fighting, gone, Life, lost, Pain, question, scared, self, shadows, struggle, troubles, truth, unknown, unpredictable Jan 29th
Souring/ Bitter Poem millyardo # addiction # love # disapointement Jan 29th
Art’s Making Poem cdj410 Jan 29th
VICIOUS CYCLE Poem surfer312 Jan 29th
my distillery-a poem about my BP journey Poem smilefortheages healing, honesty, Purpose, Reflection Jan 29th
THANK YOU PETE Poem joy Jan 29th
Like a rose. Poem Disgusting Jan 29th
The Beacon. Poem sweetwater 2 Jan 29th
29 January 2014 Poem shawon1982 Jan 29th
Beautiful Prostitute Poem Zhane Jan 29th
Why do You Love Me So Much? Poem KingofWords # addiction # love # passion Jan 29th
11 doors Poem Zhane Jan 29th
SIMPLE START 45 Poem GREEDU45 All Dreamers Understand, Appreciation, dream, Life, simple, start Jan 29th
EXCEL BYOND 45 Poem GREEDU45 BYOND, knowledge, learn, look, power, Race, time Jan 29th
The Truth Of The Matter Poem millyardo Jan 29th
Dramatic, No, Just The Way It Is Poem millyardo 1 World Jan 29th
Baby Aborter Poem ramonathompsont Jan 29th
THE OLD TRUNK Poem Sunmaiden Jan 29th
Epigram For Elias, Eschewing Him Poem Starward Jan 29th
Nocturnes: Imagined End Poem Starward Jan 29th
At Dusk, On An August Night Poem Starward Jan 29th
Strangeland Poem darkpool 2 Jan 29th
Haunted Hollow Poem darkpool 3 Jan 29th
Hard To Fuck With Woman Poem ramonathompsont 1 Jan 29th
Miss You Not Poem pinkdot7 2 Jan 30th
cold lovers Poem majnuun Jan 30th
two heroes Poem craigyw Jan 30th
The order of things Poem craigyw Jan 30th
Sounds Unheard Poem bishu 2 Jan 30th
Counting Again Poem TheCure242 4 Jan 30th
to my father Poem ADAPT Jan 30th
Futures Poem ADAPT Jan 30th
Chemically imbalanced Poem ADAPT Jan 30th
Spaghetti Poem ADAPT Jan 30th
Words to be spoken Poem Anonymous Jan 30th
That Feeling Poem Daniel_Simp #hurt #feelings #thoughts #upset #she #mind #depression #needsomeone #mistake, Life, sad Jan 30th
Don't. Poem Disgusting Jan 30th
BE THE CHANGE Poem joy Jan 30th
Song of the Earth Poem Nifty 2 Nature/Environment Jan 30th
The Folly of (my) Youth Poem rbpoetry 2 Jan 30th
"We Wanna See That Wolf!" Poem Chadical 2 Jan 30th
THE BARN Poem Sunmaiden Jan 30th
Thought We Were Friends Poem thisisme789 Broken Hearted, disapointment, friends, hurt, Pain Jan 30th
Blast Conservative Scripture,Hyped with Vigor Poem Chadical Jan 30th
Love is ... Poem EmmaMegRobertson Love What is Love Jan 30th
Corruption Poem gra8mind 2 politics Jan 30th
Just A Friend Poem EmmaMegRobertson Friends Wishful Thinking Jan 30th
The Outcast Poem GodsLark 8 Jan 30th
That Day Will Come Poem EmmaMegRobertson Love Pride Self-Worth Self-Happiness Jan 30th
Christian Words of Affirmation Poem 1SP 2 Jan 30th
Refrain (musicl def.) Poem Chadnco Jan 30th
Die Mother Fucker Poem Chadnco 2 Jan 30th
Maggot Poem Chadnco Jan 30th
Think Again Prose life_used_to_be... 3 Jan 30th
I Ask Poem Muin 4 Jan 31st
Iridescent Poem lupus Jan 31st
old soul Poem lovingdaisys 2 Jan 31st
Forgotten Friend Poem abbiespoetry 5 Jan 31st
John Poem DawnMorris 1 Jan 31st
Alittle or alot, Its enough/ Center Piece Poem millyardo 1 Jan 31st
Ponder Poem millyardo 1 love Jan 31st
I dance beneath the rain Poem Daniel-59 3 Jan 31st
Date Poem bishu 1 Jan 31st
Citibank Poem nightlight1220 5 citibank Jan 31st
Accepting Love Poem Bleu-Beat 4 #love #emotions #thoughts Jan 31st
A Change of Personality Poem Bleu-Beat 2 #change #growth #feelings Jan 31st
Transliteration of My Promise to You Poem KingofWords 4 Transliteration Jan 31st
THE LOOKING GLASS Poem Sunmaiden 1 Jan 31st
Give Them Pain Poem LovingLovelace Jan 31st
CONFEDERATE JASMINE Poem Sunmaiden 1 Jan 31st
Perhaps I was nervous Poem running_with_rabbits 8 Jan 31st