I Loved You Darling


Why did I choose to love you?

Why did I give away my heart so soon,

so soon, and why of all the people

was it you, my dear and restless wanderer?


I gave my heart to your sweet smile

and lived to gain our future - all the while

the days were fair, you had my joy

in simple things like evening walks

down a lakeside path

and through the woods.


We danced together.


Hand in hand,

and heart to heart,

we fought, we shared,

we loved, we tried.

I fought to clear our path, my dear,

but in the end, our love died.


I treasured all the times you thought of me,

and looked at you with heartstruck eyes,

watching for a spark of recognition,

hoping to see the same fire burning

hoping to see you in love with me.


Maybe you were -


Author's Notes/Comments: 

She left my life too soon.

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Like this. Makes me ponder a

Like this. Makes me ponder a special friendship. Oh the love we shared... I was so in love 

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