The Beacon.

I walked a path the other day,

Where most was grey and died away.

So bleak and dismal was the sight.

Then in the distance, glowing gold

A rebel standing bold.

Look at me she seemed to say,

I am alive I have the right.

A bush of gorse, lushly green

With yellow flowers shining bright.


I walked that path again today

And all was bleak and dismal grey.

I walked the path in haste to see

The glowing beacon, down the way.

So alive so lushly green

Beaming her sunshine smile at me.

But men had been, with chainsaw scream

And ripped that golden gorse away.

And all once more was dead and grey.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just a thought how quickly something beautiful in ones life can be distroyed, by another's ignorance.

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That's a great poem, I really

That's a great poem, I really liked it

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Thank you,it really upset me

Thank you,it really upset me that such a joyous thing could be so thoughtlessly destroyed, so I had to write about it.Vent my anger I suppose. I'm glad you enjoyed it, it was kind of you to comment :-) xx