Facing Temptation

The Word of God


Facing Temptation


When in life we face temptation, we can rest in God’s Revelation,

When in our life we face a test, in The Word of God, we can rest,

God’s Word is trustworthy no denial, this, as we fall into any trial,

Through any test or trial friend, God’s Word is faithful to the end.


All trials produce patience in us, as we rely upon our Lord Jesus,

Patience that moves us to maturity, as we move towards eternity,

Producing in us God’s Wisdom, as we follow God’s Eternal Son,

So as we persevere in Jesus Christ, we’ll receive a Crown of Life.


The Lord Himself was tempted friend, but, Satan fled in the end,

As Christ used The Word of God, to diminish his deceptive nod,

Using the power of Revelation, Christ sullied Satan’s Temptation,

Through the Truth Christ had said, he dejected Satan and he fled.


But, it might not be Satan friend, but, our own desires in the end,

Causing for us, trials and strife, and further temptation in this life,

Either way, our resource is God, for that escape on which to trod,

For when we stumble in the night, God’s the way back to the light.


We must be led by God’s Spirit, living out His Word as we hear it,

Praying through every situation, as we’re led by God’s Revelation,

Drawn away by Satan or our self, Scripture is our Spiritual Wealth,

In any temptation, you shall see, resist the devil, and he shall flee.


(Copyright ©01/2014 Bob Gotti)


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