to my father

So many things that society tells us to fear are truly the most beautiful. People fear what they never will understand. I wish I could share my experiences with you. I've seen many things in this world many people have not. Their is meaning in everything. Many people are blinded lies that they fall victim to believing. I could never tell you who I am. I can only show you. I wish I could teach youwhat I learned. I don't believe in religion but I have talked to a few gods in my dreams and journeys. I have found peace in my head finally. It is now a place I no longer fear. I love you. I know you will never understand. Maybe one day you will. And you will be open to letting me tell you about this beautiful world we live in. I've seen many sides. I've escaped into the wardrobe and seen what you would call narnia. Life. Has many sides. I found happiness within myself. I am in tune with the world. I couldn't trade any of these experiences for the world. Money and possessions means nothing to me. I found true love for myself. I learned how to turn traumas in Nirvanas. -a letter i wrote to my dad

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