That Day Will Come


That day will come 

wait. you see.

When you will find

who you want to be.

For I am certain

that that person

is just out of reach.

Longing to be found,

longing to teach

you of what it means

to love yourself 

and be proud 

of your wealth.

Not of money

but of beauty

you see. 

That day will come

for you and for me. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

One day we will find ourselves to be beautiful. It may not be today or the near future but we will have that day when we realise that we are amazing people. We are special. And thats what makes us beautiful. Not our money or our looks. I hope you find that day soon and to those who already have. Congratulations. You are all wonderful and beautiful and strong and don't forget that. Never forget that. 

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