Long Live


People may not understand

What's going on between us

Or why we both take a stand

They don't know what's on our hearts


We have our own worlds

Dreams made true by words

Happy endings and all that

Sometimes, our stories get sad


They might accuse us

Of losing our minds

They cannot blame us

We are our own child


Long live! We will be remembered!

Live free! We will live forever!

Long live! We belong together!

Free will! We are so much brighter!


Words may not come easy

But we will find them our way

They will find them classic

'Cause they'll soon get them our way


Long live! They will remember our lines!

They will remember our words!

Long live! We will be part of their lives!

They will see our own worlds!

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Lady of the Nile


I am daydreaming again

Something is visiting my mind

It's a familiar sweet scent

Of someone I pray to be fine


Pictures on the table

She had them all labeled

Glaring evidence 

Of my innocence


Everlasting love she gives

My every faults she forgives

Her smile is priceless

Her love is endless


She is the woman of my life

If she is around, there is light

If she's not around, stars don't shine

She is the Lady of the Nile


As mighty as the Sun

As calm as this river

She will live forever

She knows what must be done


I keep her in my heart and mind

I wonder how she is each night

If she is fine and alright

If she is unwell or tired


And whenever she calls,

Tears sometimes start to fall

Her voice is a symphony

To the lonely world of grief


I walk this road for her

I read this book for her

Someday, I'll walk the world with her

That day, she will never suffer

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If You Knew


Time flies very fast

Something we can't grasp

We don't know what it brings

If or not we will sink


I am reaching my peak

You are with me all this time

Whether strong or weak

You stand by me every time


But now I am doubting

If ever you knew my darkest secret

The thing I've been hiding

Something about me I wish to forget


You got me thinking

If you ever uncovered this unspoken truth

If you ever noticed this thing I hid from you

Would you be doubting?


Would you still love me like you do?

Would you think I am condemned too?

Would you be mad at me for not telling the truth?

Would you be sad for me 'cause I hid it from you?


Believe me, I tried telling you

Trust me, it's been hard for me too

I beg you, please try to hear me

Save me, from this lie I live in


I tried a million times

To chain my heart and mind

Cried in those troubled nights

God's words don't seem to rhyme

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If It Was Me


Saw you from afar

Knew you're about to cry

You're all I desire

You got me asking why


Why am I not the reason for your tears?

What should I do to make you see?

Am I not the one who can make you cheer?

How can I make you see these things?


Here you are again 

In the middle of the night

Here I am again 

Giving you a shed of light


Why are you very blind?

Can't you read between the lines?

Why don't you look and find?

Can't you see my heart's desire?


If it was me you're with,

You will not be crying

It will not be tragic

We will end up smiling


I know your favorite song

It has been you all along

Wake up and look inside my soul

See through my heart and you will know

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I Gotta Have You


Your face looks so bright

You came right on time

Cut off your old lines

Let's enjoy the ride


We go downtown and shop

Laugh at those lousy shots

Eat food in this infamous bakery

I look at you once and start to daydream


Keep smiling like the very first day

I promise I won't say it's cliché

Whenever you're with me I smile

Now I forget I was once shy


I gotta have you

I know you want too

You know it's fun to

You make me brand new

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Gone Home


It's time to say goodbye now

I've had enough of sorrow

I'll just pass through your downtown

To the town where I had grown


Coco trees dominate the streets

Three hours seem too long for me

The winds whisper to my ear

They're once my familiar scenes


Finally, I've gone home

To the place I know

Suddenly, my griefs go

As the sea winds blow


And every second of this ride

Is a step closer to what's mine

Where my soul had once brightly shone

Where my heart was never alone


No more tears

No more fears

Time for me to know

It's time to let go


It's time for me to know myself

I'll use this break to be whole again

And my old thoughts will be dispelled

So when I go back I'm new again


I think it is time to love myself

Try not to think of everyone else

I'm just tired of waiting for nothing

I'm just sick of giving everything

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Golden Age


Fire is dancing

Gems are shining

Stars are falling down

Something's coming out


Dark road against my path

Light is shining bright

Can't ignore these signs

Should show them what I got


Shooting to number one

Breaking bars, having fun

Sleeping on the cloud nine

Seeking words that would rhyme


This is the Golden Age

I'm on the Utmost Sky

This is the Peak of Time

I'm on the Perfect Chase


Taking break on heartbreaks

Flying high from lakes to seas

Writing lines from tears to bliss

Bleed hard and celebrate


Never saw this coming

It left my soul singing

I never knew I could reach

The skydreams I once wished

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Lovetale (with healingwoman)


I see your face in a worried place

I'm still hoping 'til we parted ways

I never saw someone like you

Someone as beautiful as you


Our eyes met

across a crowded room 

something in his eyes told me

we would cross paths again


One Sunday morning we met in a park

The sight of you lit my way that's once dark

Never thought I'd meet you here

I would have been ready


I was just sitting there deep in thought

when he caught my eye 

i did a double take 

i knew right away, he was the one


I've waited all my life for you

Now, I do not know wat to do

You got me speechless

This love is endless


This was no ordinary kind of love

This was more powerful

The kind of love that came straight out of the heavens

Universal, unconditional, unstoppable..

She was there to redefine the meaning of love 


This is so much stronger

Than I've experienced before

This will last much longer

Than I've ever had before


And so we learned

The meaning of love

From the very first day

We had met in the park

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A poem I've written with the amazing healingwoman

Bizarre Dream


I dreamt last night a sweetest one

Walked down the road with someone

Someone I knew from the past

But I had met only twice


I don't know what's your name

I can't tell why it came

But it all looked true to me

It was a fantastic scene


We were telling stories as we walked

We were laughing truly as we talked

We looked at each other now

Everything went silent now


Suddenly, you got so serious

Your sad stare was so mysterious

I asked you, "What's wrong?"

You replied too long


I woke up asking myself

Why we walked alone in my dream

Your name never rang a bell

But my dream looked so true to me

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