Lovetale (with healingwoman)


I see your face in a worried place

I'm still hoping 'til we parted ways

I never saw someone like you

Someone as beautiful as you


Our eyes met

across a crowded room 

something in his eyes told me

we would cross paths again


One Sunday morning we met in a park

The sight of you lit my way that's once dark

Never thought I'd meet you here

I would have been ready


I was just sitting there deep in thought

when he caught my eye 

i did a double take 

i knew right away, he was the one


I've waited all my life for you

Now, I do not know wat to do

You got me speechless

This love is endless


This was no ordinary kind of love

This was more powerful

The kind of love that came straight out of the heavens

Universal, unconditional, unstoppable..

She was there to redefine the meaning of love 


This is so much stronger

Than I've experienced before

This will last much longer

Than I've ever had before


And so we learned

The meaning of love

From the very first day

We had met in the park

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A poem I've written with the amazing healingwoman

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It was fun working with you!

It was fun working with you! Thanks for asking me. :)

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Thank you very much too for

Thank you very much too for too for agreeing to work with me! It was such an honor!