A Soul-Resurrected

Soul Poetry


I thought it now barren,

just empty of all emotion-

save for the despair

that so filled the hollow voids

and overtook any and all joy.


Now made to close itself off,

from the hurtful, hurled words,

-a verbal bashing of a heart,

long-numbed from maiming

and cold to missing affections.


No longer an open novel,

shared with others, unashamed,

now bound up tightly

with its very own bindings,

in attempt to protect and shield.


I had simply survive.

It became necessary

to shutter my eyes closed,

lest someone penetrate

my occular windows...and learn.


Learn of the misery, the fear,

the utter anguish and torment,

that for so long, far TOO long,

was concealed and masked,

in fear of anyone, knowing my truth.


Because who would believe

after so many years of concealing,

that such was my my existance

for almost...all along

so much that I wished to die.


Then in a sudden moment of Grace,

as I sat, tears streaming,

hands upturned, in sobbing prayer,

lost and broken, I petioned Him,

And God heard...and answered.


He gave me my answer-

along with the courage, the strength

and determination to break the ties,

that for too long, held me bound-

an inmate to another's sentencing.


No longer afraid, I rose up,

standing as tall as my convictions

and in a mere conversation,

took back and took charge

of what was mine-my very life-my soul.


In what can only be God's planning,

His desire for His daughter's  happiness,

He gave hope and love, back to me,

In a most unexpected source-

Where a past, became the present.


No longer devoid of any emotion,

No longer tied to what was,

Now moving forward to who is,

I am now, a soul-resurrected,

And life, became again, so worth living.



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Breaking Inside

To see the dark in me was to see the light
To set fire to my head was to cleanse my soul of a husk 
To sell my mind to ascension was a must 
It's how I saw there is no us

There's simply One

I saw Infinity within the eye
The spark of the cosmos is how to see what's right
To do that was to become alive
And the hardest thing i've done my whole life
So far i'm thankful for the warm morning sunshine
I grin knowing one day this shell will die

I miss being able to fly 


Author's Notes/Comments: 

It has been a while, it feels good to write this 

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His Eyes...


I look into eyes

that light sparks in my soul,

like the dying embers

of an untended fire.

They soothe me,

calming down the raging waters

that crest with in my soul,

They ignite me

burning their way across my flesh

and searing their memory into them.

His eyes do things,

that my mind in unfamiliar with,

he has started this revolution

That spreads like wild fire

Threatening to overthrow

the balance I have worked so hard

to achieve,

as though I am constantly

walking on eggshells,

the ones His eyes

have managed to crack....

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Something he shal never see,

only for the eyes of you and me :D


This is about a guy ive known for.... almost a year that sets my heart aflame. I will probably never show him this


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Gingko, Diet Of Worms, Ribcage In Hospital

Poem Strings
-saiom shriver-


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They saw they thought
in April woods
the blooming light
of a spring dogwood
but it was
last year's translucent
gold leaves
glowing on
a gingko tree.



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One heard of The Diet of Worms
and thought of robins
swallowing whole
beings who squirm
of the papal attempt
to arrest Martin Luther
on which Pope Leo X stood firm.



The Lutheran Church has asked

forgiveness for Luther’s

virulent Judaophobic writing. That

was not the reason for the attempt

to arrest him.

Where to find free to use images


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a vision of a woman

in the hospital…

a live bird trying

to escape her rib


was it the soul

trying to leave the body…

or the sickness caused

by eating a chicken?

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People, people light their fires,

burning the world-

upon their pyres...


People, people tell their cold lies,

hurting their souls-

and sever their ties...


People, people destroy their souls,

shooting through them-

creating more holes...


People, people crush their own hearts,

offending love-

breaking into parts...

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English followed by original German. Plus a probably horrible Japanese version for good measure because this is about a Japanese girl.

Your mind is beautiful
Your soul draws me in
With its delicate calm
And I have niether the strength
Nor the will to escape
I want to die in there

That I may know heaven


Dein Geist is schön
Deine Seele zieht mich hinein

Mit ihrer zarten Friedlichkeit

Woraus der zu flüchten
Habe ich weder die Wille noch die Kraft

Darin will ich sterben
Damit ich Himmel kennen darf




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As cold as ice

As warm as the sun’s ray

So do my emotions differ day from day

Who will be today’s unsuspecting prey


His icy words are still lingering in my soul

Still making its way down to each and every bone

Scraping at the ends of my inner being

Today, my heart is frozen stiff, I simply have no feeling


Perhaps tomorrow it might be whole

Who knows, maybe, just maybe someone might warm my soul



Written by





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To Love

I yearn to love, a love with a passion

Joining hearts, a fatal attraction

To be fondled by your words alone, holding on to promises by your lips

To savor the sweetness and emotion that drips

Let us hold together, let our eyes slowly find and meet

Let all time stop, with nothing but our heartbeats

Keeps me warm

Knees so weak-

But full of power.

Glances through and through-

Tears wore out.

He's tall as a tower-

His grasp pulls me through.

Through, this hurricane.


Crashing waves would pull me under-

But his love gives me strength.

Maybe I should run,

Run for cover.

But his palms keep me safe.

Through, this hurt and pain.


I might be lost in this fire-

But I feel peace and warmth.

One deep breath-

Oceans sweep and swept.

Alone, but not alone.

Through, this hurricane.


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