Alone in the dark,
With no-one to cherish,
A seeker may give one final breath,
As his soul begins to perish.

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Thoughts turn into ashes,
And sprinkle in the light of dusk,
For what thought can survive,
Another's hating thrust.

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Through your dreary eyes

Into you darkened soul

I see all of those lies,

All the lies and deceit that was there.


All the pain,

All the hurt,

All of whom thought you disdain,

Of it all I am now aware.


No matter what you have seen

No matter what you have done

I will hold you and against me you can lean

And through your eyes I will stare.

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Poems 2007-2008

I am not here
I never was
The light is gone
And darkness cames
Why do you ask
Am I like this...

The world is changing
It hates me now
But at one time it loved me so
Then it lefted me to rot,
this forsaken world

Time itself once gave joy
To the child within
But the innocence was stolen
By the Gods ungrateful hands

Life is cold to the bone
And insects bite at this skin
Cousing an rash of pain
Forever clawing at these veins

I have never been here
Nor will I ever;
The light shall not return
And the Darkness forever rules

Now why you ask why
Am I like this
It because
I was born with an
Empty Soul...


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this after I got into a big fight with my family. I'd like not to go into it. But this is what I wrote after it.

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Irriation of Today

Soul Searching

The bottom of my soul feels agiated

By the vigors of my body

The unrelenting irriations which

Consume my spirit on this day.

No peace in myself, my being

Feelings of annyonce envelope me

The release of sleep is a comfort

but only when it suits itself.

My mind, a clutter of horomones

Raged on inside me like a torando

Or even a violent thunderstorm.

I want to give into the irriations

Maybe it will make me feel whole

To run through this day like a mad

Hatter unable to stop.

To make it over to the otherside

Of the moon into the dawn of tomorrow.

Let these emotions run wild

To the extremes of today.

My soul feels agiated

The vigors are unrelenting

Today I run wild

Into the shine of the moon

And with the mist of the dawn

Into tomorrow.


Sherry B.

Sept 7/09

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The wind is soft,
The heart high inside the breeze.
I dream of happiness,
The sun explode,
To kiss rainbows…

Could it be so pretty?
But the rain spills millions,
Broken tears over,
My drifting soul I think…

Amnesiac reasoning,
Absent minded reflections,
I think u are,
U thinks I am here…

The wind is hard,
The heart sinking deep,
I dream of sadness,
The sun disintegrated,
To wash out rainbow…

Could he be so ugly?
Nevertheless, the rain swallows,
Millions of diamonds,
Reason hit, I think…


Author's Notes/Comments: 

depression or reality?

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