Missing Him

You continue to fight the system,
I know that you miss him,
I don't know why,
You refuse to let go,

Of the dream that faded away,
You continue to cause pain,
When it can go away,
No matter how hard,
You scream at the sky,
He ain't ever comming back,
He died for his cause,
What he believed,
Just because you won't agree,
Won't cause him to be beamed back,
From the past battles he fought,
And the one he did return,
But in a box and uniform,
To his last place,
Where he shall forever stand guard,
Oneday he will stand guard next to you,

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My Home!!

The night he held me in his arms my heart had finally found its home
I could feel the love he had for me with just a simple kiss
All my worries and fears had simply vanished as he pulled me closer 
In all my life I never felt more loved than I did at that moment
I felt like a princess in his presence and he was my prince.
All my dreams were coming true for once.
I felt a happiness I had never experienced.
I could tell by his smile and his laughter he felt the same.
We were two lonely hearts beating as one that night.
Then the day came and we had to part ways.
The world seemed uglier and colder than it had been.
My arms feel so empty without him and my heart is broken because my love isn’t with me.
I will go through this life aching till the day I am back in his arms feeling safe.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I had been looking all my life for that person that my soul connected with. And as days go by my heart aches because.... 

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His Eyes...


I look into eyes

that light sparks in my soul,

like the dying embers

of an untended fire.

They soothe me,

calming down the raging waters

that crest with in my soul,

They ignite me

burning their way across my flesh

and searing their memory into them.

His eyes do things,

that my mind in unfamiliar with,

he has started this revolution

That spreads like wild fire

Threatening to overthrow

the balance I have worked so hard

to achieve,

as though I am constantly

walking on eggshells,

the ones His eyes

have managed to crack....

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Something he shal never see,

only for the eyes of you and me :D


This is about a guy ive known for.... almost a year that sets my heart aflame. I will probably never show him this


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They Said, "Give All You Have, And Follow Him" (the 'sun' of 'god')

Space makes no sound,

and yet, if we give ourselves

to the sky on a clear night

we can see the meaning of

respect in the diversity

of the planets, stars, and

bits of shooting pieces of

light, as they pass

by each other in the night,

dancing through other worlds,

creating, embracing the all,

to find new places...spaces to

dwell and contribute their

bits of the magnificence

to the universe and the

story of life. Their committment

runs deep into time, and affects

us in such a splendidly cohesive

fashion that we are unaware

it is touching and molding

our planet, our lives and

very souls in a ways we

many times turn shy from...

run from in fear, or raise a

sword to conquer. We can

meet the universe as we

choose. We can touch the stars...

or we can welcome the stardust

as part of who we are, and learn 

the respect they long

for our hearts to touch,

grow outwardly into, and

expand as one with

their essence...space to


..."if we give ourselves

to the sky...".


We can have everything

we think we need,

and never start

the journey.


8:44 PM 4/16/2013

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Connecting to the vibrations of the universe. Respect.

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"Fossilized Stone"

We lie awake,

We lie alone,

We lie in silence,

Like fossilized stone.


Our heartbeats in sync,

Our souls stitched as one,

Your eyes are moonlit torches,

Replications of the sun.


Your hand in mine,

It's stunning, symmetric.

Your voice, though silent,

Is provoking, electric.


Alone with you,

I cannot speak;

Your incomparable beauty,

It makes me weak.


Your smile, like a skyline,

Borders perfection.

A world without you,

It has no direction.

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Monday's To Do List

I can feel that it's frigid out

 I am content to stay asleep

snuggled close to you,

under the warmth of the duvet,

feel your arm holding me

listen to you breathe,


the cat keeps kneading


patting my face

in hopes of wakening me

to feed him.

He wins.

And I'm up,

shuffling in slippers,

making coffee,

feeding the starving cat

I contemplate going back upstairs

to crawl back into bed,

snuggle close to you,

under the warmth of the duvet,

feel your arm hold me

 listen to you breathe

but it's Monday


apparently I have a job


since I am the responsible sort,

I stay up,

make our lunches

and mentally make a list

of things I should do today:


1. Crawl back into bed,

2. Snuggle close to you

        3. Feel your arm holding me

4. Listen to you breathe

      5. Forget the world exists...

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